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In 2017, Navicure and ZirMed united to become Waystar. Waystar charges a monthly fee to bill and post payments in CentralReach.

Benefits of setting up a clearinghouse

There are two main benefits when connecting a CentralReach account to a clearinghouse. The first, users can send out claims electronically within CentralReach. No need to do this on third-party websites or portals. The second, users can receive payments in the form of an ERA (electronic remittance advice), directly in their CentralReach account. Users can view, observe, notate, reconcile and ultimately post payments.

Connecting CentralReach to Waystar

In order to link Waystar to your CentralReach account, you will need to first enroll and then they will provide you with an SFTP username and password. 

277/999 Files

When setting up your account with Waystar, be sure to have them turn on 277/999 files.

EDI 277 – used by healthcare payors to report on the status of claims previously submitted by providers. Information provided in a 277 transaction generally indicates where the claim is in the process, either as pending or finalized. If finalized, the transaction indicates the disposition of the claim – rejected, denied, approved for payment, paid.

EDI 999 – a transaction set that is used to confirm that a file or claim was received. It also includes additional information about whether the received transaction had errors. Having these turned on allows for seamless communication between CentralReach and Waystar.


Call the dedicated sales line at 844-692-9782 to review pricing and services and receive enrollment forms with instructions, or request a demo. View their payor list, here. Once enrollment is completed, they will provide you with an SFTP username and password.