Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / Sandata / Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / Sandata - CO Visit Verification

Users with the (Billing > Visit Verification) permission enabled can view the “Visit Verification” screen in the
Billing module. From this screen, users can view and edit EVV timesheets to send to Sandata.

The “Visit Verification” grid consists of the following columns:

  • Status
  • Date: select a date within this column to edit the corresponding timesheet.
  • Time
  • Client
  • Payor
  • Provider
  • Service / Auth
  • Location

Click the checkboxes in the column on the left-hand side to select timesheets. Once timesheets have been selected, users can click Send to Sandata to submit the entries to Sandata. Within the same column, click the right arrow next to entries that have been sent to Sandata to view details about the Sandata submission, such as when the entry was sent to and received by Sandata, updates made to records, and any errors in the entry if the submission was rejected by Sandata.

The grid can be filtered by:

  • Entering search terms, such as contact, billing, and service code labels, and places of service, in Search Visit Verification.
  • Date range .
  • All, Pending, Accepted, Rejected, or Unsent statuses.
  • Clicking the filter icon on the left-hand side.
    • Click the Filters tab.
    • Click the Audits drop-down to view the filters.

Click the refresh icon to refresh the screen based on the filters selected. Views from filtered screens can be saved and revisited later.

Click here to learn about permissions needed to access the “Visit Verification” screen and other Sandata permissions.