The Dashboard Module is represented by a speedometer icon. Regardless of your role, the dashboard is intended to provide a quick glance view of the items most important to your daily activities.

Dashboard My Agenda

“My Agenda” is the section within Home that provides access to your day’s activities and appointments, and can be customized like the widgets in “My Dashboard.”

Click here to learn how to customize widgets.

Dashboard My Dashboard

“My Dashboard” is the user’s homepage when logging into CentralReach, and can also be accessed by navigating to Home.

My Dashboard can be customized with widgets that provide access to view and perform actions, such as sending a message and converting billable appointments directly from Home.

Click here to learn how to customize widgets.

Dashboard My Profile

“My Profile” is the section within Home where you set up all of your account specific information, such as office locations and login credentials. “My Profile” is also where the organization’s account can update merchant settings, billing information, and view/print CentralReach invoices dated prior to July 1, 2019.

Dashboard Notifications & Checklists

“Notifications & Checklists” is the menu on the right-hand side of Home that provides a suggested guideline of items to be completed. The guidelines will vary depending on your account type and permission settings.

Clicking each category will expand the section and provide the list of items included that can be accessed from certain modules in CentralReach where the item can be completed. Click the grey dot icon next to each item to confirm it has been completed and increase your completion percentage for the specific category. Once you click to confirm something has been completed, there will be a green checkmark icon next to the item. Please note, once an item is checked, it cannot be unchecked. The sum of all your completed items will add up to the percentage number displayed when the “Notifications & Checklists” menu is compressed in Home.

For more details on what each item is, click the blue question mark icon to be taken to the corresponding help article.

Click here to learn how to access Notifications & Checklists.


The Profile section in the Dashboard contains fields to store and update account specific information, set office locations, enter user credentials, and where the organization accounts can update merchant settings, billing information, and view/print CentralReach invoices.

Dashboard Viewing Unconverted/Partially Converted Billable Appointments in My Dashboard

There are three sections in “My Dashboard” that identify Unconverted Billable Appointments and Partially Converted Billable Appointments:

1. An alert will appear on the top of the page, in red font, with the number of unconverted billable appointments. If you click the alert, it will disappear from My Dashboard.

2. The My Appointments Upcoming widget will identify unconverted billable appointments with a blue lightning bolt  icon, and partially converted billable appointments with a yellow lightning bolt  icon. Click here to learn how to add the “My Appointment Upcoming widget” to My Dashboard.

3. Under Notifications & Checklists on the right-hand side of My Dashboard, there is a category titled Unconverted Billable Appts with the list of appointments pending to be converted and a blue Convert link. Click here to learn how to view “Notifications & Checklists.”

To convert these appointments, click the lightning bolt  icon or the Convert link, to be redirected to the appointment timesheet in the  Billing module.

Dashboard “External Employee ID” and “Termination Date” Fields

In the “Basics” section of employees’ profiles, the following fields are for organizations using a third-party payroll company:

  • External Employee ID: shows in employee accounts under the “Employee ID” field on users’ face sheets.
  • Hire Date: displays next to “Status” in employee accounts and in the Contacts export.
  • Termination Date: shows next to “Status” in employee and generic accounts, when “Make In-active” has been selected. After making the user inactive, a “Date” field will appear with the date.

All of these fields are only visible if a value is populated. For more information, contact your CSL.