Information about electronic data sheets in Sessions

Learn / Clinical How to Download the Goals List Report

The Goals List report contains all of the data found in the Goals List under the Clinical module.

To download the Goals List report:

  1. Navigate to the Clinical module and select Goals List
  2. Select any desired filters to filter the screen
  3. Click the  cloud icon on the right-hand side and select CSV or Text file
  4. Click  Download in the “Export” pop up to download the file to your computer, or Go To Files to be directed to the Files module. The file will also be located in the Files module

Click here to learn more about the Goals List.

Learn / Clinical View Goals List

To view the Goals List:

  1. Navigate to the Clinical module and select Goals List
  2. This opens the default view of the Goals List. The screen will show all of your goals from the different learning trees in your system
  3. Below the search bar is  No sorting, which will filter goals by date type
  4. In order for goals and targets to show “M” for Met or “P” for Progress, the Goal Details page in the client’s learning tree must be labeled as the correct status
  5. Click on the icon on the right-hand side to configure the grid columns. Select only the columns you want to view. Rearrange the columns in the Goals List view by dragging a column and sliding it either right or left
  6. Click Flat View to change the views between Flat and Tree
  7. To search by client, type their name in the search bar. The grid will display the client’s information, select filters from the left-hand side Filters tab for a specified search
  8. In the Basic Filters drop-down, sort by goal type and status. In the Goal Dates filter drop-down, filter by the dates the goals were initiated, progressed, met, held, and discontinued. In the Score & Duration filter, sort by numerical score and duration length
    • When looking at data collection branches (usually targets), there are a few filters:

      • The Method filter, located under the Basic Filters drop-down, filters by method of data collection
      • The Score & Duration filters drop-down filters by scores/percentages of your goals. For example, filter by goals that are high scores to see what is progressing well, or skills that have low scores to pinpoint the skills your client is having trouble with
      • The Trend filter, located under the Basic Filters drop-down, shows increasing (green), stable (yellow), and decreasing (red) trends. You can view the overall trend or dive a little deeper to analyze skills in a better way
      • The Stats tab located to the right of the Filters tab loads Goal Status and Goal Domain quantities/percentages for your filtered goal list, by showing your clients’ current progress. Select Load Stats & Totals to calculate the information shown in the image below. Toggle back and forth between a percentage and quantity (whole number) view, using the blue text next to the stats category
      • Click on the next to the Clients column. A pop-up on the bottom of your screen allows you to filter by a specific client. The icon next to it will display a pop-up of inactive goals
  9. The Graph column directs you to the active graph in their learning tree
  10. Click Save this view as a filter at the top right, and a pop-up will appear. Name this filter and it will save to use in the future for easy viewing and data analysis

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Click here to learn how to download the Goals List report.