Billing / Timesheets / Options Preview Entry

Opens a pop-up window that provides users with the following tabs, (certain tabs will only appear if associated with that timesheet):

  • Overview
    • Entry ID: timesheet ID number
    • Date of service: detailed summary of this timesheet
    • Service: service code and description
    • Payor: description of the payor on this timesheet
    • Location: place of service for the timesheet
    • Diagnosis: clinical diagnosis attached to this timesheet
  • Authorization: outlines detailed information about the authorization being used for this timesheet. Clicking the blue link next to Name/Document will bring you directly to that authorization detail.
  • Files: view all files attached to this timesheet.
  • History: view all interactions and changes made to this timesheet.

Billing / Timesheets / Options View Files

This will show all files attached to this timesheet. Clicking any of the files will open each one in their respective windows.