Getting Started

Contacts / Getting Started Uploading Files to CentralReach

After you have accessed your CentralReach account, upload files into your account.

To upload files:

  1. Log in to your CentralReach account
  2. Navigate to the  Files module and click Upload Files
    • Or, navigate to the  Files module, click All files, and +UPLOAD NEW

    • Please note, users cannot upload:
      • Files larger than 40MB
      • Videos larger than 1GB

3. Choose where you want to upload files

  • To my account
  • To someone else’s account: in the search bar, type in the name of the contact you want to upload files to their account and if you want to Share with this user
  • After choosing a location, you can click on Lock file(s) after uploading: this will prevent users from editing or deleting this file. Locked files usually pertain to medical records that should not be changed

4. Or, you can drag the files you want to upload, to Drop files here to upload

  • Each file will automatically retain the file name from your computer. Rename a selected file by clicking on Override Filename and adding a new file name and description
  • If you want to delete a selected file before uploading, click the trash can  icon
  • To preview a file before uploading, click on the eye  icon
  • Please note, you can upload up to 20 files at a time. There are no limits to file storage in CentralReach, store as much as you need without any additional charges or data caps

5. Click Begin Upload

6. The files will now be located in All Files, in the  Files module

7. On the Files grid, you will see a list of files in your CentralReach account. You can keep track of who uploaded each file by the name under Uploaded By

8. The  Files module also has Shared with Me, Owned by Me, and Uploaded by Me, to organize the files in your account