The Claims Module is presented by a plus sign icon, and is where claims for various insurance companies with exact preferences for each payer are set up. Through this module, the user can review timesheets and bulk merge claims for submission.

Claims Claims 101

Recorded: 1/16/17

Length: 1:03:47 hours

This video features Adam Sellers, explaining how CentralReach can help handle claims, detailing the basic workflows and best practices for proper, clean, and easy claims submissions.

Claims Cleaner Claims and Faster ERA Payments

Recorded: 12/2/16

Length: 1:03:03 hours

This video features Adam Sellers, explaining tips on submitting cleaner claims faster, as well as posting ERA payments with accuracy and speed.

Claims TRICARE Claims

Recorded: 4/21/17

Length: 40:24 minutes

This video features Adam Sellers, providing detailed information and best practices for submitting claims to TRICARE, which is different than other payors.