The Tasks Module is represented by the bars icon and is where users manage, enter, define, assign and share projects with others. The main tasks grid provides a quick overview of the status of all projects.

Tasks Task and Support Settings

The  Tasks module’s permission to manage settings (Tasks > Manage Settings) allows users to have access to the Task & Support Settings, where they can designate other users to have the “Support Administrator or Support Staff” roles to manage internal support tickets for the organization.

  • The Support Staff role is intended to be assigned to users who will receive internal support tickets created by employees in the organization, pertaining to the defined modules or ticket types assigned to the user.
  • The Support Administrator role is intended to be assigned to users who will have full visibility over all of the support tickets created by all employees in the organization and will have the ability to escalate tickets to CentralReach for additional support.

Once support tickets are created, users with these defined roles can view the tickets in the Support Tickets section of the  Tasks module.

Click here to learn how to assign the Support Staff or the Support Administrator role to employees in your organization.

Tasks Task Templates

Task Templates can be created when you are frequently creating a task for the same list of activities or action items. Once the task template is created, utilize it when creating the new task, to facilitate and expedite the task creation process.

For example, if you are responsible for onboarding new employees in your organization and need all new employees to complete five different actions within CentralReach upon hire, create a task template with those five action items. Then when an employee is hired, create a task for the new employee, using the task template with the five actions items they are required to complete.

Click here to learn how to create a task template.

Click here to learn how to create a new task using a task template.

Tasks Tasks Grid

The tasks grid in the  Tasks module allows you to review all of your tasks and support tickets, and provides the following options and filters to help sort, customize your grid, and perform actions in bulk.

  1. Checkbox : select tasks and perform any of the following actions in bulk:
    • Label: add and remove labels
    • Comment: add comments
    • Reassign: reassign tasks to other users
    • Complete: complete tasks
    • Delete: delete tasks
  2. Tasks: toggle to display only tasks
  3. Support: toggle to display only support tickets
  4. All: displays all of the open, completed, and deleted tasks or support tickets, based on the toggle selected (Tasks or Support)
  5. Open: displays only open tasks or support tickets, based on the toggle selected (Tasks or Support)
  6. More: drop-down with additional options to view tasks or support tickets based on the toggle selected (Tasks or Support):
    • Favorites: filter only tasks/support tickets marked as favorite
    • Overdue: filter only tasks/support tickets past their due date
    • Due Today: filter only tasks/support tickets due today
    • Upcoming: filter only tasks/support tickets due in the future
    • Assigned: filter only tasks/support tickets assigned to someone
    • Reassigned: filter only tasks/support tickets reassigned to someone
    • Completed: filter only tasks/support tickets completed
    • Deleted: filter only tasks/support tickets deleted
  7. Refresh icon: refresh the grid tasks or support tickets
  8.   Created: view additional ascending and descending sorting options by different categories
  9. Column drop-down:
    • Select Configure Grid Columns to add or delete columns from your tasks grid, with the following options:
      • Favorite: identifies your favorite tasks/support tickets by a yellow star . You can also click the star  to add the task/support ticket to your favorites list
      • Notify: identifies tasks notifications are enabled for, with a bell icon
      • Id: randomly assigned tasks/support ticket ID. Click to access task/support ticket details
      • Labels: list of labels assigned to the tasks/support ticket
      • Status: status of the task/support ticket (overdue, due today, upcoming, completed, reassigned, or deleted)
      • Task: task/support ticket name, link to access details, and option to click Quick Overview
      • Comments: number of comments added to the task/support ticket
      • Template: name of the task template used to create the task
      • Attached Via: name of the module from where the task was created
      • Due: tasks/support ticket due date
      • Created: task/support ticket creation date
      • Time Spent: total time tracked and entered by users working on the task/support ticket
      • Updated: last time when the task/support ticket was updated
      • Created By: name of the user who created the task/support ticket
      • Assigned To: name of the user who the task/support ticket is assigned to
      • Completed: the date when the task/support ticket was completed
      • Completed By: name of the user who completed the task/support ticket
      • Deleted By: name of the user who deleted the task/support ticket
      • On Behalf Of: name of the person the task/support ticket was created on behalf of
    • Select Toggle Labels In-Line to add the name of the labels assigned to each task/support ticket, within the Task column
  10. 50 per page : select the number of tasks/support tickets to display in the grid
  11. Next : go to the next page to view more tasks/support tickets


Tasks Tasks Module

In the  Tasks module you can create, assign, and share any type of projects or action items for yourself or for other employees in your organization. Tasks help you to stay on track with your daily routines and to-do lists, by allowing you to prioritize your work, track progress, assign deadlines and plan your work for multiple days in advance, all within CentralReach.

The  Tasks module grid can be customized to include as much information as needed to sort, filter, and review the status of your tasks. You can also create tasks directly from the Claims module, the Dashboard module, and the Billing module, to keep track and follow up on things like expiring authorizations, payor follow up deadlines, client re-scheduling updates, and more.

Through the  Tasks module, you can review the status of tickets submitted to CentralReach for technical support.


Tasks Tasks Module Navigation Menu

When navigating to the Tasks module, the main drop-down menu has the following options to help access and manage tasks and support tickets.

  1. + Add New Task: create a new task
  2. All Tasks: view all open, completed, and deleted tasks
  3. Open Tasks: view only open tasks
  4. Overdue: view tasks that are past their due date
  5. Due Today: view only tasks due today
  6. Upcoming Tasks: view tasks due in the future
  7. Assigned Tasks: view tasks assigned to a user
  8. Reassigned Tasks: view tasks that have been reassigned
  9. Unassigned from me: view tasks created and not assigned to a user. Any other user in your organization can open the task and work on it
  10. Unassigned from Others: view tasks that are not assigned to any user, for you or any other user to open the task and work on it
  11. Support Tickets: users with Support Staff or Support Admin roles will see this option, which includes all of the support tickets created in the organization, and tickets sent to CentralReach for support
  12. Tasks Templates: view Task Templates and create new Task Templates. Task Templates can be created when frequently creating a task for the same list of activities or action items. Task Templates facilitate and expedite the task creation process
  13. Task & Support Settings: users with the (Tasks > Manage Settings) permission can assign users the Support Staff or Support Admin roles for the organization

Users with the (Tasks > Administrator) permission enabled will see all of the tasks created in the organization, and not only the ones created by you or assigned to you.

Permissions / Tasks Tasks Module Permissions

Employees with the following permissions have various levels of access to the Tasks module. These permissions can be enabled via the Permissions module.

  1. Access
    • Gives user access to the Tasks module.
  2. Tasks > Administrator
    • Gives a user access to tasks of co-workers and clients the user is connected to.
  3. Tasks > Manage Organization Labels
    • Gives a user the ability to add, edit, and remove organization labels.
  4. Tasks > Manage Settings
    • Gives a user the ability to manage task settings.
  5. Tasks > Task Templates
    • Ability to share task templates and manage existing shared task templates.
  6. Tasks > Use Organization Labels
    • Gives a user the ability to add and remove organization labels to and from tasks.

Click here to learn about other permissions.

Tasks The Tasks Widget

The Tasks widget provides easy access to tasks from My Dashboard/Home or from the client’s Dashboard and can be accessed if users have the (Tasks > Access) permission. 

The Tasks widget allows users to view your due & overdue tasks, filter tasks due today or tasks overdue, and has a link to access the  Tasks module to view all of tasks. The client’s Tasks widget provides the same options, but only for the client’s tasks, helping users view and work specifically on the client’s tasks from their Dashboard, and giving access to view tasks assigned to the client or opened on behalf of the client. From the Tasks widget in the Dashboard, users can open tasks by clicking the New Task  button.

Please note, employees can view their own Tasks widget and clients’ Tasks widgets, but not other employees’. To view tasks assigned to you and by you, go to the Tasks module.

Click here to learn how to add the Tasks widget to your Dashboard or to a client’s Dashboard.

Click here to learn how to create a new task from the Tasks widget.

Tasks Unassigned Tasks

Leaving tasks unassigned creates a tasks queue of work or action items that can be completed by any user in the organization, or a defined group of users. You can filter all of the unassigned tasks created by you, by selecting Unassigned from me in the  Tasks module’s main navigation drop-down menu, and can filter tasks created and unassigned by other users, by selecting Unassigned from Others.

Click here to learn how to create a task.