The Billing Module is represented by a dollar icon, and is where users are able to manage employee time tracking, set up billing permissions and rates, submit claims, produce invoices and post payments.

Billing Reconcile Payments

Recorded: 8/28/18

Length: 3:12 minutes

This clip features how to reconcile payments posted to billing entries and deposits made to your bank account via the Reconcile Payments feature available in the  Billing module.

Billing Telehealth Billing Set Up in CentralReach

Recorded: 4/9/2020

Length: 40:02 minutes

This video provides step-by-step instructions explaining how to set up the CentralReach platform for Telehealth billing services, such as adding modifiers and setting up service codes.

Billing Telehealth Set Up: Create New Codes

Recorded: 3/30/2020

Length: 18:09 minutes

This video explains how to set up your practice for Telehealth billing by creating and configuring new service codes.

Billing Telehealth Set Up: Modifier Groups

Recorded: 3/30/2020

Length: 9:42 minutes

This video explains how to set up your practice for Telehealth billing by updating service codes using modifier groups.

Billing The Ins and Outs of CR’s Billing Module

Recorded: 3/6/18

Length: 56:27 minutes

This video features CentralReach’s Billing module and its impressive capabilities to help better manage your practice, and the claims process. The following functionality is discussed in this webinar: Timesheets, Billing, Authorizations, Authorizations by Payor: Global, Receivables, Payments, Sales, Invoices, and the items under settings.

Billing / Insights The RCM and Receivables Reports

Recorded: 12/6/19

Length: 9:05 minutes

This video explains the new RCM and Receivables reports that are located in the Billing and Insights modules.


Information about Timesheets in Billing