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CR Institute Attendance Certificates in CR Institute

If you attended a CEU webinar, but have not received a certificate for attendance, a link to an attendance verification course will be sent via email to generate the CEU. The webinar recording and CEU instructions are distributed to all registrants within 24-48 hours of the event. 

If you cannot locate the email within 24-48 hours, submit a support ticket to

CR Institute Audio and Visual Issues in CR Institute

Troubleshooting Audio and video Issues 

When having audio and video issues, check and/or reset your internet connection. If necessary, clear your cache and update your browser, or try another browser. Additionally, check your speaker and headphone connection, and your audio system preferences. 

CR Institute’s preferred browsers are Google Chrome and Firefox. Make sure the browser is fully up to date. 

Although CR Institute will work on most devices, a laptop or desktop is recommended for an optimal experience. Click here for more information. 

CR Institute Building a Course in CentralReach’s LMS

Before building a course, organizations must purchase a “Creator Portal” and have Course Builder Admin access in the learning management system (LMS). Click here to login and take the “Course Builder” course, and for documentation on page and assessment types.

CR Institute Certification Grading in CR Institute

Most certifications are automatically graded, but if one needs to be submitted for grading, it takes about 1-2 business days.

CR Institute CR Institute Supported Browsers and Devices

Web Browsers
CR Institute supports the current and previous major release of: 

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox 
  • Safari 
  • Microsoft browsers 
    • This currently includes Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.  

When a new browser version is released, CR Institute begins supporting that version and stops supporting the third most recent version. Please note, while the above browsers are supported, Chrome or Firefox is recommended. 

Mobile Devices
The following mobile devices and browsers are supported: 

  • Android: The current and previous versions. 
  • IOS: The current and previous versions. 

CR Institute How to Access Courses in CR Institute

After purchasing a subscription, sign into your account. After logging in, you are directed to your dashboard and can view all available courses. 

CR Institute How to Cancel a Course in CR Institute

To cancel a course, please contact Customer Service for more information.

CR Institute How to Disable Two-Factor Authentication in CR Institute

If you have accidentally enabled Two-Factor Authentication while updating your password and cannot log into your account, submit a ticket to, to have it disabled.

CR Institute How to Find a Certificate in CR Institute

For each completed course, an email is sent with a button to view the certificate. All certificates are also under the “Certifications” section of the Learner dashboard. 

CR Institute The “Not Authenticated To View” Error in CR Institute

Please make sure you are not viewing reports in an Incognito window via Chrome or Firefox. If you are using Safari, please disable the “Website Tracking” function via Safari’s preferences.