The Insights module (formerly, the Reporting module) is represented by the graph icon and includes all the reports within the system, along with advanced dashboards and graphs to measure and track key performance metrics.

Insights Business Intelligence with CR Insights

Recorded: 3/8/19

Length: 25:40 minutes

This video features the reporting functionality provided by CR Insights.

Insights The CentralReach RCM Report

Recorded: 1/18/2021

Length: 8:33 minutes

This video reviews CentralReach’s RCM report, an included practice management dashboard displaying key revenue information to customers.

Billing / Insights The RCM and Receivables Reports

Recorded: 12/6/19

Length: 9:05 minutes

This video explains the new RCM and Receivables reports that are located in the Billing and Insights modules.