Address Management

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / Address Management Address Management Permissions

The following are Contacts module permissions for Address Management:

  • (Utilities > View Address Management)
    • Ability to view all addresses in the system. 
  • (Utilities > Manage Address Management)
    • Ability to bulk edit all addresses of contacts the user is connected to in the system.

Please note:

  • Both permissions are only enabled in the System Admin permission groups and disabled in current and new custom permission groups.
  • Users accessing the Address Management Grid can only see clients, employees, or organizations they are connected to.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / Address Management / CR Mobile / Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) GPS Service Validation

GPS service validation shows where and when employees delivered services. Users must have Visit Verification enabled on the appropriate service codes and access to the premium version of CR Mobile, as well as geolocated appointment addresses. The “EVV Visit Export,” can then be utilized for GPS service validation, auditing, and Medicaid agency submission.

Click here to learn how to prepare for GPS service validation.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / Address Management The Address Management Screen

The “Address Management” screen in the “Utilities & Tools” section of the Contacts module allows users to view, edit, and geolocate addresses in bulk. To view or edit addresses, users must have permissions enabled for the Address Management screen and can only view contacts they are connected to.

Filter the grid by:

  • Contact name and labels: enter contact names and labels in Search contacts and/or labels…
  • Date range: click the calendar icon to view addresses last updated within a timeframe
  • Contact type: click the drop-down and select the client, employee, or organization checkboxes.
  • Status: click the drop-down and select the Geolocated and Non-geolocated checkboxes.
    • Please note, the screen displays only non-geolocated addresses by default.

The following are columns in the grid:

  • Contact: the full name from the contact’s profile.
    • Ability to sort by this column
  • Address: the contact’s address and the name of the address.
    • If a contact has a gray checkbox next to their name, neither the first address line nor zip code have been entered for the contact.
  • Status: indicates if an address is geolocated or not.
    • Geolocated addresses have an exact latitude and longitude input. Addresses that have not been geolocated can be geolocated individually or in bulk.
  • Contact Type: employee, client, or organization.
  • Address Type: home, office, or schedule.
    • Ability to sort by this column
  • Last Updated: the date of when the address was last edited.
    • This column can be sorted by ascending or descending chronological order.
    • By default, the most recently updated address will display at the top of the grid.

At the bottom of the screen, click the Rows per page: x drop-down to view up to 500 rows per page. Click > and < to scroll through the pages.