Claims / Clearinghouses / CR Mobile / Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Tellus – The In’s and Out’s

The Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration’s (AHCA) program has contracted Tellus to be used for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) in Florida Medicaid regions 9, 10, and 11. CentralReach is integrated with Tellus to support seamless EVV claim submission.

Connecting CentralReach to Tellus

In order to link Tellus to your CentralReach account, providers need to sign up for Tellus, here. A gateway will also be set up in CentralReach for Tellus. Once users have an account with Tellus, they will have access to a portal to view the status of claims in Tellus’ claim dashboard.

Rendered Service Files

CentralReach will send a rendered service file with all required fields to Tellus. The “Responses” section of the Claims Manager will update with an “accepted” or “rejected” status. If the file is accepted, providers can log into Tellus’ portal and release the file for Tellus to generate an 837 claim to send to Medicaid. If the file is rejected, it will state the information that was incorrect. Once the file is corrected, it can be resent to Tellus.

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