Insurance Verification

Claims / Insurance Verification Signing up for Insurance Verification with Office Ally

To sign up for insurance verification with Office Ally:

  1. Contact your CentralReach Customer Support Specialist to receive the service details and to turn on the functionality in your organization’s account
    • CentralReach charges $0.10 per individual insurance verification, on top of any Office Ally charges. Office Ally will invoice each organization separately
  2. Complete the Office Ally REAL TIME Eligibility Request (270/271) User Agreement:
  3. Email the agreement to
  4. Within the email, include which connectivity method you will be using – AS2 over HTTP
  5. Office Ally will send credentials within 24 – 48 hours. These credentials will be different than any other credentials you may have received previously to log in to Office Ally, or to send claims
  6. Once your credentials are received, the organization account and the employees with the proper permissions (Insurance > Manage Verification Details and Insurance > Request Verification), will need to configure their account to do insurance verification

Click here to learn how to configure the employee account.

Claims / Insurance Verification Entering Office Ally Insurance Verification Credentials

To configure accounts for insurance verification, users need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Request credentials from Office Ally
  2. Request CentralReach to turn on insurance verification functionality within the account
  3. Set up permissions for the organization account and the necessary employee accounts:
    • In a permission group, navigate to the “Contacts” section to expand the permission list
    • Click the Insurance > Manage Verification Details  toggle

    • Click the Insurance > Request Verifications  toggle 

To add credentials:

  1. In the organization account, click My Profile
  2. Select the Settings tab
  3. Click Insurance Verifications

  4. Enter the following information, which you should have received from Office Ally:
    • Sender ID (ISA06)
    • Username
    • Password
    • Confirm Password
  5. Click the Enable Insurance Verification Requests toggle
  6. Click Save Settings

Please note, CentralReach charges $0.10 per individual insurance verification, on top of any Office Ally charges, and Office Ally will invoice each organization separately.