CR Go / Schedule Appointment Status

The Schedule module appointments statuses are:

  • Start Work: the appointment has not started. Tapping will begin the appointment and the timesheet time will start
  • Stop Work: appears after worked has started and the Start Work has been tapped. Tapping Stop Work will end the appointment and timesheet time will end
  • Work Completed: appears after Stop Work is tapped. The work has been completed and the total appointment length has been added to the timesheet
  • Appointment Finalized: finalize Appointment is used to collect the client’s signature, edit appt. start & end times and add notes to the appointment. This is regardless if work was ever started (Start Work) or ever ended (Stop Work)
  • Appointment Ended: the appointment is in the past, and cannot be started, regardless if there was an appointment completed or not
  • Not available yet: appointment is in the future and not available to start work

CR Go / Schedule CR Go’s Schedule Module

The Schedule module in CR Go includes the following information:

  • View appointments booked
  • Access client’s contact details
  • Start Appointment: Start Work
  • End Appointment: Stop Work
  • Start GPS navigation

The Schedule module can be accessed from the app main menu. When accessing the Schedule module, you will land on the current date and can swipe up and down to navigate to other dates. 

CR Go / Schedule Finalize Appointment

Appointments can be finalized in the Schedule Details or after tapping Stop Work.

When you finalize an appointment, you can view total time worked and edit check-in and check-out times for timesheet tracking and conversion. You can proceed to collect the client’s signature and enter any additional notes.

Once the appointment is finalized, the appointment status will change within the appointment Schedule module, to Appointment Finalized.

CR Go / Schedule Schedule Details

The Schedule Details contains the client’s appointment information:

  • Client’s name
  • Client’s address, and ability to edit address
  • Client’s name and appointment description
  • Appointment date, start and end time
  • Client’s contact phone numbers, and ability to tap to call client
  • Additional participants
  • Appointment labels, and ability to add more labels

You can Finalize Appointment to collect the client’s signature, Cancel Appointment, and access all of a client’s Sessions.