Sandata - AZ

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / Sandata - AZ Arizona Reason Codes

Below are Sandata reason codes accepted by Arizona:

CR Codes Sandata AZ Codes
CR04: Device malfunctioned 3: Mobile device issue
CR07: Staff error 1: Caregiver error
CR09: Client failed to verify 2: Member/Designee unavailable to verify
CR10: Client refused service 7: Member refused service
CR11: Unsafe environment 6: Unsafe environment
CR18: Client no show 8: Member no show

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / Sandata - AZ Sandata Arizona – The Ins and Outs

For CR Mobile users that are providing services to clients using “Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS),” Sandata will house all data required for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Contact Sandata AZ to set up credentials prior to completing appointments in CR Mobile. After receiving credentials, organizations need to contact their Account Manager to enable the necessary feature key.

Connecting CentralReach to Sandata

Click here to learn how to register for Sandata AZ and to select CentralReach as your alternate EVV vendor.

Click here for the Sandata and CR Mobile checklist, for required set up and submission steps.