Payroll Settings

Human Resources / Settings / Payroll Settings Creating a Pay Code

Pay Codes are like job titles and allow you to add employees to multiple billing/service codes in bulk.

To create a Pay Code:

1. Navigate to the Human Resources module and select Settings
2. Under the Payroll Settings form, go to the bottom section title Pay Codes
3. Click + Pay Code blue button
4. Enter the pay code name in the text bar that is added to the form
5. Click the disk save  icon on the right hand-side of the pay code created

Human Resources / Settings / Payroll Settings Excluding Codes from Payroll

Pay Codes that don’t need to be recorded for payroll, such as cancelled timesheet activity or vacation time, can be excluded using the payroll label exclusion setting.
Labeling a service code as “non-billable” or “non-paid” and excluding that label under Payroll Settings, prevents those billing codes from appearing in your payroll reports. This is important because even at a pay rate of $0.00, the time may factor into an overtime calculation.

To exclude a label from payroll:

1. Navigate to the Human Resources module and select Settings
2. Under the Payroll Settings form, go to the Label Exclusions section
3. Type the name of the label(s) to be excluded
4. Click Save Settings

Human Resources / Settings / Payroll Settings Payroll Settings

Payroll Settings is where the pay period, workweek, overtime, billing label exclusions, and pay code configurations are established for the organization. All of this information is required to utilize the Human Resources module payroll feature and generate a payroll report.

To configure payroll settings:

  1. Navigate to the Human Resources module and select  Settings
  2. Complete the Payroll Settings form with the following information:
    • Pay Period: defines your payroll frequency. Click to select:
      • Weekly
      • Bi-Weekly: if selected, click to select your last pay period dates
      • Semi-Monthly
      • Monthly
    • Workweek: defines the start and end day of your payroll week. Click to select:
      • Sunday – Saturday
      • Monday – Sunday
      • Tuesday – Monday
      • Wednesday – Tuesday
      • Thursday – Wednesday
      • Friday – Thursday
      • Saturday -Friday
    • Overtime Calculation Period: defines if overtime should be calculated daily, weekly, or based on California or Colorado rules
      • To learn more about California overtime rules, click here
      • To learn more about Colorado overtime rules, click here
    • Label Exclusions: indicates that specific billing labels need to be excluded from the payroll calculations under each category
      • To learn more about label exclusions, click here
  3. Create your Pay Codes