Human Resources / Payroll Employees Not Appearing on Payroll Reports

If you are utilizing the Human Resources module’s payroll feature, and an employee is not showing up when you run payroll, it is because the employee does not have a pay type set up. Click here to learn how to set up a pay type.

If the employee in question has the correct pay type set up, navigate to the Billing module to confirm the employee has the custom rates for the appropriate service codes. Click here to learn how to add custom rates to service codes.

Human Resources / Payroll Payroll Extract Report

The Standard Payroll Extract report includes the 43 columns with the following information:

  • Payee Name
  • Payee Last Name
  • Payee First Name
  • Payee ID: Employee ID
  • Pay Type
  • Paid
  • Time Off (Hours)
  • Date
  • Service – Client ID
  • Service – Client Name
  • Service – Provider ID
  • Service – Provider Name
  • Service – Code
  • Service – Hours
  • Service – Hourly Rate
  • Service – Units
  • Service – Unit Rate
  • Service – Address 1
  • Service – Address 2
  • Service – City
  • Service – County
  • Service – State
  • Service – Zip Code
  • Service – Country
  • Salary – Annual
  • Salary – Wage for Full Period Worked
  • Salary – Hourly Rate This Period
  • Salary – Hours Worked This Period
  • Drive Time – Hours
  • Drive Time – Hourly Rate
  • Drive Mileage – Rate per mile
  • Drive Mileage – Miles Driven
  • Overtime – Blended Rate (Total Hourly Pay / Hours Worked)
  • Overtime – Multiplier
  • Overtime – Rate Paid
  • Service Bonus – Service Code
  • Service Bonus – Provider
  • Service Bonus – Client
  • Service Bonus – Pay Type
  • Service Bonus – Pay Amount
  • Service Bonus – Bonus Source
  • Employee #
  • Department

Click here to learn how to run payroll.

Click here to learn how to download a Standard Payroll Extract report.

Human Resources / Payroll Payroll Section Explained

The Payroll section of the Human Resources  module is where payroll is run for the organization and where the Payroll Extract Report can be downloaded, to process payroll.

Payroll filters are available on the top of the grid, along with options used to generate a payroll run, as further detailed below:

  • Payroll: displays all of the payroll that has been generated by the organization.
  • Unresolved: all entries converted AFTER payroll was run, within a selected payroll date range.
  • Year: drop-down to select the year you want to run payroll for.
  • Date Range: drop-down to select the date range you want to run payroll for.
  • Run Payroll: runs payroll for the year and date range selected.

Once you start running payroll, the payroll grid will include all of the organization’s payroll runs, with the following information:

  • Status:
    • Processing: the payroll run is processing and not yet available to be viewed or downloaded.
    • Complete: the payroll run is ready to be viewed and downloaded
  • Period: payroll run date range.
  • Run Date: date when the payroll was ran.
  • Run by: name of the user who ran the payroll.
  • Last column, not titled, with the following options:
    • Lock/Commit to History: makes a copy of all the time entries in the date range in the payroll table and allows billing to remain isolated from payroll at all times. Lock/commit the report after your employees have been paid.
      • Once clicked, the button will change to Locked , and cannot be unlocked.
    • Actions : drop-down menu with the following options:
      • Delete: removes the payroll run from the grid. This option is not available once the run has been locked.
      • Get Report: redirects you to the Insights module to preview a payroll summary.
      • View Exceptions: redirects you to the Insights module to preview a payroll exception summary by duplicate and missing pay types.
      • Standard Payroll Extract: download an excel format payroll report.

Human Resources / Payroll / Permissions Permissions to Manage Payroll

The following permissions can be granted in the Permissions module, under the Human Resources section, for employees to manage payroll for the organization:

  1. Access
    • Basic access to the Human Resources module
  2. Payroll > Run
    • Allow running and exporting payroll
  3. Settings > Manage Employees
    • Manage employee payroll settings

Click here to learn how to create a custom permission group.

Human Resources / Payroll Tracking Payroll Adjustments

Track payroll adjustments if a timesheet has been entered late or there is a timesheet error, and payroll has already been processed. Track payroll adjustments in the payroll section of the Human Resources module as a pay type. Just log the adjustment as a Taxed or Non-taxed amount as a one-time payment to your current payroll period. Please note, you cannot add a negative amount and only a positive number can be entered for the pay type.

Click here to learn how to apply pay types.