Billing / Billing / Options Claims Generated

Shows the number of claims that have been generated for those billing entries, and if clicked on will navigate to the “Claims Manager” to show those claims.

Billing / Billing / Options Edit Timesheet

Opens a new window that navigates to the timesheet associated with that billing entry, allowing for any needed edits.

Billing / Billing / Options Invoices Created

Shows the number of invoices that have been created for that billing entry, and if clicked on, will open a window that shows those invoices.

Billing / Billing / Options Open Tasks

Shows the number of tasks that are currently open for that billing entry, and if clicked on, will open a pop-up window that shows the task.

Billing / Billing / Options Options

Provides users with the ID associated with that billing entry, to view when the entry was last billed and last paid (if those entries have been billed or have a payment entered).

Billing / Billing / Options Payments Applied

Shows the number of payments that have been applied to that billing entry, and if clicked on, will open that billing entry to show the payments that have been applied.

Billing / Billing / Options Preview Entry

Opens a pop-up window that provides users with the following tabs (files, notes/forms, and authorization tabs will only appear if associated with that billing entry):

  • Overview: information regarding that billing entry, including entry ID, date of service, service code attached, payor associated, location where service took place, and diagnosis attached to the billing entry.
  • Files: the title of the file attached (can be clicked on to navigate to that file in the Files module).
  • Notes/Forms: the title of the note/form attached and when it was attached (can be clicked on and edited if billing entry and note are not locked).
  • Authorization: the name/document of the authorization, valid dates, service code authorized, and the authorization number.
  • History: a history of activity that has been done to that specific billing entry.