The Employees section within the Human Resources Module includes all the employees entered in the CentralReach through the Contacts Module, along with their employment related information.

Human Resources / Employees Managing Employees in the Human Resources Module

The Employees section in the Human Resources module includes all of the employees entered in CentralReach through the Contacts module, along with their payroll and time-off related information. This section is only accessible by users with the appropriate permissions to manage employees and/or payroll.

To view employees, navigate to the Human Resources module and select Employees. The screen includes:

  • The grid view, which can be customized to show/hide specific columns selected through the page icon on the top right-hand side of the page.
  • A Sort filter, to sort employees by first name, last name, date of hire, or employee type.
  • Access to an employee’s file, by clicking the employee name to configure their payroll set up, time-off setup, KPI settings, employee address, other info, work history, and pay codes.
  • The ability to manage employee time off in the grid for users with the time-off permission rights. Click Time Off Requests on the top left-hand side of the page to do so.

Click here to learn about permission rights to manage employee time off.
Click here to learn how to approve/deny employee time-off requests.