The Contacts Module is represented by the three people icon, and is where all contacts in the network are added, viewed, labeled and stored.

Contacts Allow Employees to See Client Email Address

For an employee to see a client’s email address, the employee must be connected to the client and must have Client-Admin permission. If the employee has Read-Only permission, he will not be able to view the client’s email.

Click here to learn how to connect clients to employees.

Contacts / Contacts / Labels Assigning Labels

Assigning Labels

Labels can be assigned automatically using Custom Contact forms. For more information on the use of Custom Contact Forms, please download and complete the Custom Contact Form Course located in the Marketplace. Labels can be applied to contacts from various parts of the system.

To assign labels:

  1. The first option is to navigate to the face sheet of the contact in which a label needs to be applied and click on Click here to add labels…

2. From here, the options for labels will appear below to search and select the label. Typing the name of the label being searched for will narrow down the search and allow faster navigation to apply new labels. It is often recommended to avoid assigning a Parent Label and instead select Child Labels as demonstrated below. This will increase search and filtering functionality

3. Once a label is applied, it will appear under the contacts name and can now be used to search and filter throughout the  Contacts module, as well as other modules throughout the system. Labels can also be added from the contacts list using the checkboxes in the front of each contact. This option allows you to apply and remove labels in bulk saving time when a change needs to be made

4. Once the box is checked, select the Label button and then type the label in the Apply Labels search bar


5. Click Apply Label Changes

Contacts Contact Labels Permission

Organizational Contact Labels Permission

There are several different types of label permissions within CentralReach, however the one being discussed in this course is specific to the Contact Labels. There are two main permissions for Contact Labels and both can be found within the Contacts section of the permissions module.

Since Contact Labels are the backbone for many search and reporting features within CentralReach, permission to use, edit or create these labels is often limited to administrative teams. The permission listed below allows users to add or remove contact labels on clients and provider accounts once a label is created.  These labels may include job titles, departments, locations, etc.  

This next permission is a higher level permission that allows users to create, edit, and delete organizational labels.  This permission should be reserved for a very small group of individuals who will be in charge of ensuring customized labels needed for the organization are maintained. 

The gear icon shown below will only be available in accounts in which permission to create, delete and edit organizational labels has been granted. 

Contacts Contacts Module

The Contacts module is the centralized module to manage clients, employees, generics, and provider contacts in CentralReach. The Contacts module grid provides you a summary of all the contacts you are connected to, the ability to sort and filter contacts by the contact type, and to click to access the contact’s Dashboard to view additional information.

Based on the user’s enabled permissions, through the Contacts module, administrative staff are able to add new contacts to CentralReach, configure intake Contact Forms, and make contact connections for users to be able to see or access each other’s information.

Contacts / Contacts / Labels Creating Labels

Private labels can be created by anyone from their own accounts, whereas Organization Labels can only be created in the main administrative account, or from an account in which permission to manage labels has been given. 

To create labels:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts module and select Contacts
  2. Click the gear icon next to either Private Label or Organization Label

3. Click Select a label to add and then select New Label

4. Choose a name for the label, change the color, and classify the label under other categories

5. Click Update Label 

6. The label will be located in the  Contacts module. To view the label(s):

  • Navigate to the  Contacts module and select Contacts
  • Private and Organization Labels will be located on the left hand-side next to Filters. Click the gear  icon next to each to add or edit labels
    • Any labels created in Private Labels are not visible to other users outside of the account they are created in

Contacts Creating Meta Data

Creating Meta Data

  1. Navigate to the  Contacts module
  2. Select Utilities & Tools 
  3. Select Meta-data Settings
  4. Select Add New +
  5. Specify Field Title: this field names the meta data drop in
  6. Identify Contact Type: this field pertains to contacts and relates to
    • Client
    • Provider
    • Generic
    • Additional Contact: secondary parent/guardian information

  • Choose Type of Answer
    • Free Text (small): 20 character max
    • Free Text (large): 20+ character max
    • Whole Number
    • Numeric (Decimal)
    • Date Value
    • Yes/No
    • Single Select: drop down – choose one
    • Multi Select: check boxes – choose multiple

  • Add Description (optional)
  • Show this field on the Facesheet: Field lives on client profile page (optional)
  • Meta Data may be modified later, and can be accessed within the client profile and/or face page


Contacts / Contacts / Labels Parent Labels

Parent Labels

Parent labels allow the user to create customized folders and increase search functions throughout CentralReach.  Think of parent labels as a main folder that other sub folders can be added to.  For example, Job Title may be a parent label for other labels such as BCBA, SLP, OT, Admin Team etc.  Using parent labels will allow both organization and customization of labels and will allow for increased search and reporting abilities in the future.  Parent labels can be identified on the left hand side of the contact modules as they will have a side ways facing triangle that lets the user know that there are additional labels that can be accessed by clicking on the triangle to expand.

All labels shown above are parent labels, or categories in which other labels can be classified for better organization.  Labels can be classified multiple times in a tiered manner as needed.  A particular set could have a parent label, a child label and grandchildren as well. Any label can be made a parent label by selecting it when creating a new label. The system will default to “No Parent” but once that is clicked there will be the ability to select a parent label.


Below is an example of a parent label with child labels beneath for tracking applicant intake process.

Contacts / Contacts / Labels Searching and Filtering

Searching and Filtering

Labels allow you to search and filter throughout various modules in CentralReach. To search within the contacts module click within the search box and begin typing.  The search field requires at least 3 characters to populate a search. Once you find the contact label you are searching for simply click on it. 

Be sure when you are searching for a contact label that you look for the tag and the words “Contact label” as shown below

Contact labels can also be searched within the contacts module by using the left side.  If you do not see the side menu simply click on the filter icon shown below to expand the menu.


Remember that any parent label that has a right facing triangle can be clicked on to expand the menu to view additional labels.

Contact labels can also be used in other modules throughout CentralReach such as timesheets, billing, schedules etc.  Once in each of these modules the contact labels can be used to filter down for example, timesheets from anyone with a label of “BCBA” or schedules for anyone in the “North Office”.  This allows for the creation of categories that can then be used throughout the other parts of the system to quickly access information.
When searching, labels can also be excluded by clicking on the triangle seen below and then clicking “switch to exclude”.  This is a helpful search tool to narrow down the information needed quickly.

If the message module is enabled, labels can also be used to send messages in bulk to a group.  This is a great feature when information needs to go out quickly to many people.  The word (label) will appear next to the contact label to help users know that they are messaging a label and not an individual.



Contacts / Dashboard / Profile What is a “Saved as Shared” Payor?

When adding a payor in the client profile, you have the option of saving the payor information as shared by clicking Save as Shared. Creating a payor as a shared allows you to use the same payor information in another client’s profile, so that you don’t have to input the payor information all over again in CentralReach and can issue one invoice including multiple clients. This feature is typically used by School Districts and Regional Centers. Please note that saved as shared payor information should not be applied to other clients’ profiles for claim processing, as the payor information is unique to each individual client and must be created in each client’s payor profile for it to populate correctly in their claims.

To add a payor to a client profile, click here.