Getting Started

Getting Started Log in to Your CentralReach Account for the First Time

Welcome to CentralReach!

To obtain your CentralReach login credentials it is recommended to reset your password in the login page:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the Forgot Password link under the “Username” and “Password” fields
  3. Use either one of the three options below:
    • Enter your account username: enter your username and click Reset
    • Click or enter email: enter your account email address and click Reset
    • Click I don’t know either of these…: if you cannot retrieve your login information using the options above, please contact your organization admin. CentralReach support is not authorized to change your account information, including passwords
  4. You will receive an email with a password reset link, where you will be prompted to create a new password and will be able to proceed and log in at

If your organization has not assigned you a username or your email address has not been added to your organization account, you cannot use the password reset tool to log in, and will need to contact your organization’s admin so they can set up a temporary password for you.