CR Institute / Admins CR Institute Admin FAQ

Can additional Admins be added to a CR Institute account? 

Yes. Send a request to with the first name, last name, and email address of the additional admin.

Can I assign an individual course to a Learner? 

At this time, courses cannot be assigned to Learners, but learners can be assigned to groups with the courses. The groups that are set up initially in a portal are typically already provisioned with all best practice workflow setups. 

If an admin needs to assign an individual course, that course needs to be added by the CR Institute team to their portal content and then they can add it to any group. To request this, contact to for assistance. 

Why can I resend invite links for some Learners and not others? 

The resend links expires from account profiles. Direct users to the main sign in page and they can reset their passwords using the email on file with the Forgot Password? workflow. 

 When I go to add a new Learner via the Add Learner function, it tells me that “A user already exists with this email address. Please choose a different email.” How do I add the Learner? 

If an email already exists in our system that means the learner is already registered either on their own or linked to another LMS. You can submit a ticket to confirm this information and have us link them to your LMS. 

If it is a personal email, please make sure to CC them on the ticket for confirmation of the transfer of their account from another LMS to yours. We request this for the following reasons: 

  • They may not be finished with their previous organization 
  • They may want to use a different email 
  • They may be working for multiple organizations (or linked to a school) 
  • They may decide to stay with their current organization and not move over 

I was recently updated to an admin role but I do not see my admin dashboard, can you help? 

Please log out, clear your cache, and log back in. This should resolve the issue. If you are still having any issues, please email  

I am admin for my LMS Portal, but I cannot switch to my learner role, can you help? 

Please email so we can review your account and add the learner role, if applicable.  

What is the difference between 40-hour RBT Training: Individual Course and 40-hour RBT Course-2nd Edition Task List? 

The individual courses are supplemental training for Learners who have already passed their RBT exam and received their certification. These individual courses can be taken in any order and do not include the cumulative exam and do not provide a certificate. 

The 40-hour 2nd edition task list is the full learning path a Learner must navigate each module accordingly to get to the exam and then get the automatically generated certificate. 

My learner took all of the 40-hour individual courses instead of the learning path, how can we assist them with getting their exam and certificate? 

Please submit a ticket to with the Learner’s name and email. 

I am a student located internationally, are your 40-hour RBT courses valid for credentialing in my country? 

You can take courses but will want to check with the board if you can actually be credentialed in your country. However, you can always use it for training and not credentialing. 

Can I upload SCORM files? 

Yes, users can upload SCORM files. 

Can I provide a certificate? 

Yes, but users will need their own certificate image. 

Can I sell my courses in your catalog? 

Not currently. 

When I create custom courses, can other organizations see my courses? 

Please review the “Provisioning your Course” section in the Course Builder. No one else can access your created content except our team of course builders, but as a reminder the LMS is not HIPAA compliant at this time. 

Can I create a custom learning path? 

Unfortunately, learning paths can only be created by the Institute team at this time. Please navigate to this course to get started, or submit your request via our Form.

CR Institute / Admins Learners not Receiving Accept Invite Notifications in CR Institute

This is happening for a few reasons: 

  • They are already registered, and a ticket needs to be submitted with their name and email to, to have us confirm and link the user to your LMS. 
  • The emails are routed to their junk and spam folders. 

Once a Learner is entered into your LMS and they are an active learner on the Learners list, they can also be directed to the sign in screen to complete the Forgot Password? workflow using their email on file to set a new password and log in For any additional login issues, please submit a ticket for assistance to

CR Institute / Admins The Differences of the LMS Admin and LMS Manager Roles in CR Institute

Only LMS Admins (No Course Builder Role) can do the following: 

  • Emailing Learners in assigned content 
  • Change Learner’s passwords 
  • Granting and revoking Certificates 
  • Please note, the “Editing Basic Info” permission must also be enabled. 
  • Impersonating a Learner 
  • Disable Learners’ Multi-Factors Authentication 
  • Manage Registration Codes 
  • Edit Licenses (GROUPS) 
  • To edit sublicense names, provisioned courses, provisioned content tags, seat limit, and access days. 

If applicable, the Course Builder versions are to ensure admins and managers have access to create content (custom courses) in the system. 

CR Institute / Admins The “Getting Started Guide” for CR Institute Admins

For new LMS Portal admins, check out the Getting Started Guide. The guide can be downloaded via the Save as PDF option from the Print Preview.