The Insights module (formerly, the Reporting module) is represented by the graph icon and includes all the reports within the system, along with advanced dashboards and graphs to measure and track key performance metrics.

Insights Assigning Permissions to the Insights Module Reports and Dashboards

To assign users permissions to access the  Insights module reports and dashboards:

  1. Navigate to the  Insights module and select  Settings
  2. Select which reports you want to give a user permission to, by clicking the checkbox  icon and then Add Access on the right hand-side

3. Add a label in the Choose a label search bar

4. Or, enter the name of the employee in the Choose an Employee search bar and select Basic

5. Click Add Access

Insights Downloading a Dashboard

After upgrading, you will see 13 standard dashboards. Administrators are able to download and save a copy of each dashboard as either a PNG or CSV file.

To save a copy:

  1. Navigate to the  Insights module and click Reports Home
  2. Click on any of the 13 default dashboards
  3. Click on the kebob menu to expose the ability to save a dashboard as a PNG or CSV file

Insights KPI Settings Explained

The Staff Capacity dashboard allows organizations to maintain staff retention rates by allowing employees with certain permissions to input the amount of hours they want to work each month. Admins can then view if employees are reaching their targets in the Staff Capacity dashboard.

Employees must have these Human Resources permissions:

  • Settings > Manage Employees
    • The x grey box should turn to a green checkmark

After setting up permissions:

  1. Navigate to the Human Resources module and click Employees
  2. Click on the employee and then KPI settings
  3. You will see two options:
    • Target Billable Hours: here is where organizations can Enter adjustment and input the amount of hours they want the employee to work each month
    • Employee Requested Hours: here is where employees can Enter adjustment and input the amount of hours they want to work each month
  4. Click Save

To learn how to view the Staff Capacity dashboard, click here.

To learn how to store other employee information, click here.

Insights Request Access to CR Insights Advanced Reports and Dashboards

To request upgraded access to CR Insights dashboards and advanced reporting:

  1. Navigate to the  Insights module and select Reports Home

2. Hover over any inactive dashboard tile to see a quick description

3. Click on the arrow icon of any inactive dashboard tile to see longer descriptions and an upgrade information opt-in form

5. Enter your email address and select I’d like more information about how to access this dashboard


7. Once upgraded, you will have access to all 13 dashboards, as seen below