Information about Invoices

Billing / Invoices Bulk Printing Invoices

To bulk print invoices:

  1. Navigate to the Billing module and select Invoices.
  2. In the invoices grid, select the checkbox next to the invoices that need to be printed.
    • Please note, users can print up to 200 invoices at a time and cannot print an invoice with more than 500 entries and 150 notes.
  3. Click Print.
  4. A PDF will be generated, edit the settings on the left-hand side and select each invoice to preview.
  5. Click Generate PDF.
  6. In the “Download Invoices” screen, click Download All .
    • Or, click the download icon next to each to download one at a time.
  7. Click Download in the “Download All Invoices” pop-up.
  8. Download and print the PDF documents

Click here to learn how to pull service notes into invoices.

Click here to learn how to include signatures in an activity statement.

Billing / Invoices Including Signatures in an Activity Statement

Signatures can be carried over from a timesheet to a Note & Form when generating an activity statement.

To do so: 

  1. Create an activity statement.
  2. After the activity statement has been generated:
    • Under the “Columns” section on the left-hand side, select the checkbox next to Provider sig, Client sig, and Notes/Forms.
  3. The signature(s) will be transferred over to the PDF version of the activity statement.
    • Please note, only 150 entries can be printed at a time.

Billing / Invoices Pulling Service Notes into Invoices

If service notes are not printing, it can be due to merged entries having line item notes. Merged entries cannot have line items displayed.

To unmerge entries and print an invoice:

  1. In an invoice, select Print.
  2. In the “Other” tab, uncheck Merge entries.
  3. In the “Columns” tab, select Service Notes.
  4. Click Generate PDF. The invoice will contain the service notes.

Billing / Invoices Selecting the Notes Location in an Invoice

CentralReach allows you to customize where your notes are displayed on your invoices.

To change the location of notes within an invoice:

  1. After generating an invoice, click on the Other tab.
  2. Click the Notes Location drop-down and select either Auto, Inline, or Appendix.
    • Auto: any note shorter than the body height (page height – height of the top and bottom margins) will be placed inline (directly below the line item). Anything bigger will go to an appendix.
    • Inline: notes will be placed directly below the related invoice line item (below client and provider signatures and payments, if applicable).
    • Appendix: notes will be placed in an appendix at the end of the invoice. Some line items may have multiple notes for a single line item, which will appear in their sequential order (e.g. See Appendices: I, II, III”).

Billing / Invoices Group Invoices by Date

After generating an invoice, you can then sort billing entries within that invoice by date.

  1. On your invoice, click the Other tab on the left-hand side.
  2. Under the Group by drop-down, select Date.
  3. You can further sort the invoices under each date by selecting Date in the Sort By drop-down.
  4. You can then save your changes.

Billing / Invoices How to Change your Organization’s Header on Invoices

To change your organization’s header on invoices:

  1. Log in to CentralReach from the organization’s account.
  2. In your Dashboard, select My Profile and then Basics.
  3. Click on the Address tab. In the Company field enter the name of your company, then click Save Address.

4. After your invoice has been generated, select the Company checkbox in the From/To tab, to add the name of your company to an invoice.


Billing / Invoices How to Group or Sort Invoices by Date, Client, Provider, or Service Code

To group or sort items on an invoice in a customized order:

  1. Open an invoice and click on the Other tab.
  2. Select items from the Group by and Sort by drop-downs until you have reached your desired customized view.
  3. Select Generate PDF.



4. To save this format for future invoices, click Save Settings  and choose to save this setting to reflect on all future invoices for this client, or all future invoices for this type of invoice.


Billing / Invoices Creating an Invoice for Clients with a Shared Payor

Once you have shared payors among clients, create a single invoice for those clients with similar shared payors.

To create the invoice:

  1. Navigate to the Billing module and select Billing.
  2. Select the billing entries for the clients with a shared payor that you want to invoice.
    • Note, you do not generally want to set up shared payors, since all information would be shared, and will cause problems with trying to make insurance claims. You can make any payor shared, when doing so, this payor will be available via the drop-down when you make combined invoices.
  3. Click Save. If you want to set up several, we recommend doing it with your Administrative client.
  4. Navigate to the billing screen and select the entries you want on the same invoice, as normal.
  5. Click Actions and select Bulk-generate invoices.

6. Select the type of invoice you want to generate.

7. Click combine all clients into a single invoice.

8. Select the shared payor from the “Bill to” box and select the “Bill from” address, and select a due date. When you are finished, click Bulk-generate client invoices.

9. Any and all shared payors will appear in the list of possible “Bill to” addresses, once set up. Select from the drop-down.

Billing / Invoices How to Create an Activity Statement

An activity statement is a document that will generate a list of selected services and is often used for auditing purposes. Activity statements will not show amounts billed or owed.

To create an activity statement:

  1. Navigate to the Billing module and select Billing.
  2. Choose a desired date range and select the checkboxes next to the billing entries you want to include.
  3. Click the Actions drop-down and select Bulk-generate Invoices.
  4. Click Activity Statement and select an option from the “Send to” and “Send from” drop-downs.

5. Click Bulk-Generate Activity Statements and then Click here to print your invoices.

6. Customize the options to be included on the statement and then click Generate PDF.




7. Select Download All or the download icon next to the invoices you want to download individually.

Billing / Invoices How to Create a Patient Responsibility Invoice

To create a patient responsibility invoice, ensure you first add patient responsibility amounts owned to the billing entries.

To generate patient responsibility invoices:

  1. Navigate to the Billing module and select Billing.
  2. Click the checkbox  next to the billing entries you are generating an invoice for.
  3. Click Actions and select Bulk-generate Invoices from the drop-down.

4. Click Patient Responsibility Invoice.

5. In the Configure Your Patient Responsibility Invoices, complete the following sections for each client:

  • Click the Bill to drop-down and select the payor, which is pulled from the client’s payor profile:
    • If the invoice is to be sent to the client’s parents, set up an ‘Other’ payor with the client’s parents information for it to populate as an option under this drop-down.
    • When the insurance payor name is selected, since this is a patient responsibility invoice, the system will use the client information from the payor set up in the Contacts module as the ‘To” address on the invoice.
  • Click the Bill from drop-down and select the return address of your business.
  • Click the Due date field to enter the invoice due date. The system will default to 2 weeks from the date the invoice is generated. If you are changing the due date for all invoices, click the Use same for all link.

6. Click Bulk-Generate Patient Responsibility Invoices

7. Click Click here to print your invoices

8. Edit your invoices by selecting the invoice template and theme on the right-hand side panel, and selecting from the tabs and items displayed, the additional information you want to include or exclude from your invoice

  • When adding an organization logo in the organization’s account profile, you can add your organization’s logo on the top right of the invoice. Once you configure your invoice format, click Save Settings and then select Update global defaults for all patient responsibility invoices, to save your format for all patient responsibility invoices

9. Click Generate PDF

10. Click Download All to download all of your invoices, or the individual download icons to download each invoice one by one. If you created more than 20 invoices, go to the Invoices section in the Billing module to download and print your invoices.

Billing / Invoices How to Delete an Invoice

Invoices cannot be deleted, but they can be voided. This option allows you to void the invoice, while still maintaining a history of all invoices for tracking purposes.

To void an invoice:

  1. Navigate to the Billing module and select Invoices.
  2. On the right-hand side of an invoice you want to remove, click on the Actions drop-down and select Void.
  3. A Confirm pop-up box will appear, ensuring that you want to void the invoice. Click Yes.
  4. If an invoice is incorrect, create a new one with the billing entries you want to include. To see all invoices with which the billing entry is associated, navigate to the Billing module and select Billing.
  5. Select the Invoiced filter at the top of the grid. Click the gear icon under the Options column on the right-hand side, and select x Invoices Created. This will take you to the invoice screen and display all associated invoices.

Billing / Invoices How to Create an Invoice

To create an invoice:

  1. Navigate to the Billing module and select Billing.
  2. Apply any desired filters and click the checkbox  next to all entries you want to generate invoices for.
  3. Click the Actions drop-down on top of the billing grid.
  4. Select Bulk-generate Invoices.
  5. Select either Client InvoiceProvider InvoicePatient Responsibility Invoice, or Activity Statement.
    • Client Invoice: makes one invoice per client. Uses the amount from the Outstanding column for the amount due
    • Provider Invoice: makes one invoice per provider. Uses the amount from the Outstanding column for the amount due
    • Patient Responsibility Invoice: makes one invoice per client. Uses the amount from the PR Amt. column for the amount due
    • Activity Statement: makes one invoice per client. By default, it will have no dollar amounts in it, just timesheet details
  6. Choose the Bill to address, Bill from addresses, and Due Date:
    • Bill to: pulls from the client’s payor information
    • Bill from: pulls from the company’s profile information
  7. You can also choose to Use insurance address instead of subscriber’s by clicking the checkbox next to that option. The invoice will use the payor’s address instead of the client’s.
  8. Click Bulk-generate client invoices.

To download or print your invoice:

  1. Click Click here to print your invoices.
  2. Click Generate PDF.
  3. Click Download All to print invoices in bulk or click the Download  button next to an invoice to download or print it individually.

Billing / Invoices How to Save an Invoice to your Computer

To save an invoice to your computer:

  1. Navigate to the Billing module and select Invoices.
  2. Choose the invoice you want to save by selecting the checkbox on the left-hand side of the entry and click Print at the top of the grid.
    • Or, click the Actions drop-down on the right-hand side of the entry and select Print (the image below shows both ways).

3. Click Generate PDF and then Download All.

4. A PDF will open in a new tab. Save the PDF in the desired location of your computer.