Human Resources

The Human Resource Module is represented by a dollar bill and a person icon and is where employee information for payroll, benefits, personal time off and assets are managed within CentralReach.


The Employees section within the Human Resources Module includes all the employees entered in the CentralReach through the Contacts Module, along with their employment related information.

Human Resources Human Resources Module Permissions

Employees with the following permissions have various levels of access to the Human Resources module. These permissions can be enabled via the Permissions module.

  1. Access
    • Basic access to the Human Resources module
  2. Assets > Access
    • Access to view assets
  3. Assets > Manage
    • Access to manage organization assets
  4. Assets > Manage Organization Labels
    • Add, edit, and remove organization labels
  5. Assets > Use Organization labels
    • Add and remove organization labels to and from assets
  6. Benefits > Manage Employees
    • Manage employee benefits
  7. PTO > Access
    • Allow employee to request PTO
  8. Payroll > Run
    • Allow running and exporting payroll
  9. Settings > Manage Employees
    • Manage employee payroll settings
  10. Time Off > Administrator
    • View Time Off requests and related data for all employees
  11. Time Off > Manage Employees
    • Manage Time Off requests for direct reports

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