Support Tickets

Tasks / Support Tickets How to Turn on Support Ticket Notifications

After opening a support ticket, users can receive email notifications every time their organization’s internal support staff or administrators leave a comment on the ticket. Please note, CentralReach Community cases are a separate process. Please view the Creating and Viewing a CentralReach Support Case article.

To turn on email notifications:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard module and select Home
  2. Click My Profile and select the Settings tab
  3. Click Notifications 
  4. In the “Enable Notifications” section, select the checkboxes under the “Email” column of the “Tasks” section
  5. Click Save Settings

Tasks / Support Tickets Open a Support Ticket

This article provides information on opening an internal ticket, for your organization’s support staff and administrators to answer. 

For information on creating a CentralReach case to get help from CentralReach Support, click here.

To open a internal support ticket:

  1. Click your account name in the top right corner
  2. Select the  Open Internal Ticket option
  3. Choose a “Ticket Type”
    • User Training: for any account inquiries or questions on how to use a specific component of CentralReach.
    • Technical: if you believe you have discovered a bug, please submit a report using this option.
    • Feature Request: if you want to recommend a new feature in the ideas portal.
  4. If this is in regard to a specific module, please select it from the Module drop-down menu.
  5. In the “Description” field, add details about the question or issue, including screenshots and step by step instructions to replicate the workflow.
    • Explain the issue in detail.
      • For example, “When I try to convert my 12/2 appointment at 8:45am with Jane Doe (users can provide client names – we are HIPAA compliant!), I get an error message that says I’m over by 2 hours, but I don’t think I am over. Can you help me understand why?”
    • Click here for “add payor” requests.
  6. Support tickets are sent to your internal support administrator. If a case needs to be sent to CentralReach Support, please ask the support administrator to create a case in CR Community.

Please note, internal tickets cannot be reassigned once they are assigned to a Support Administrator.

Click here to learn how to turn on support ticket notifications.

Tasks / Support Tickets Set up Internal Support Staff and Administrators

Certain employees in an organization can be designated as support administrators to send support requests to CentralReach, and others as internal support to handle internal support inquiries. This internal support feature is aimed at expediting ticket response times, all while giving better insight and visibility into internal training needs.

To add an employee as a support administrator, click here.

To add an employee as your internal support:

  1. Navigate to the Tasks module and select Support Admin Settings
  2. Click the Add support contact search bar and search for the employee you want to add to your internal support staff
  3. Once an employee has been added, click on their name to expand their settings
  4. Click the checkboxes to select the type of tickets the users will receive, as well as the modules
  5. Click Save

By default, new support staff will not be designated as support administrators. Support administrators are users who can modify support related settings or close internal support tickets in the CentralReach system, and submit cases to CentralReach Customer Support on the CentralReach Community. To learn how to set up a support administrator, click here.