CR Institute / Admins How to add Learners in CR Institute

To add Learners: 

  1. Log in as an admin and click Users on the left-hand side 
  2. Select Learners 
  3. Learners can be added one at a time by selecting the gear icon on the upper right-hand side and clicking Add Learner. 
    • Please note, select the group the Learner should be added to, so the appropriate courses are provisioned. 
  4. Learners can be added in bulk by selecting Bulk Import Learners via the gear icon. 
  5. Follow the steps presented with the Bulk Import feature. A spreadsheet is needed to complete each group created to ensure the Learners are placed in the correct group. 
  6. “Registration Codes” can be created for each group. This is useful when onboarding a lot of Learners at once. Follow the directions on the “Registration Codes” page to complete this process. 

CR Institute / Admins How to Build a Course in CR Institute

To build a course in CR Institue: 

  1. Log in and click Content 
  2. Select Add Content 
  3. There are three options when adding content: 
    • Course 
    • Video template (this is only a video and not a full course) 
    • Article template (this is only an article and not a full course) 

For additional help in building your own courses, please view the course builder course.

CR Institute / Admins How to Check if Staff used their CR Certification Coupon Codes in CR Institute

For organizations with an LMS Portal, they can view if a user has started their certification by: 

  1. Navigating to Reports and clicking Client Engagement 
  2. Select Export 
    • Or, navigating to Users, clicking Learners, and selecting a Learner  
    • Click Manage and then Access to see the individual user’s access. 

For organizations without an LMS Portal, please reach out to the CR Institute Support team for clarity on whether coupon codes were used, and if users were certified. Please submit a support ticket to

CR Institute / Admins How to Take a Course as an Admin in CR Institute

Every Admin is set up with a dual-learner account. Users can switch to their dual-learner account by: 

  1. Selecting Switch to Learner on the left-hand side of the screen. This directs users to the Learner dashboard and “You are currently a learner” will display in the upper left-hand corner. 
    • Please note, if the dashboard says, “You are acting as a learner,” then you have entered your Admin Learner dashboard view and appropriate data will not be tracked on courses you take while “Acting as a learner.” 

CR Institute / Admins How to View Available Courses in the CR Institute Portal

Admins can view available courses in the portal by: 

  1. Signing into their account 
  2. Users are redirected to their dashboard where a list of courses they have access to is displayed. 
  3. Users can start a new course or resume an already started one.  

CR Institute / Admins How to View the Last Activity of a Learner in a Course in CR Institute

Admins can view the last activity of a Learner in the Content Actions Log report, which includes start and completion time in addition to timestamps for last activity. 

  1. Navigate to Reporting on the left-hand side and click Explore 
  2. Scroll down to the Content Actions section to locate the “What is a learner’s actions within a particular content item?” question. Add or remove filters for a more expanded view of overall data, but the report will provide the majority of what is needed. 

CR Institute / Admins How to View Total Hours and Hours Spent on a Module in CR Institute

Admins can view total hours and hours spent on a module in the Learner Content & Progress report. The report also has a “View Time” data option. 

To view total hours and hours spent:

  1. Navigate to Reporting on the left-hand side and click Explore 
  2. Scroll down to the Learner Content & Progress section to locate the “What % complete are my learners with a particular item?” question. Add a view time option for time spent. 
  3. Search and add in the View Time (hours) data option and click the arrow twice to add it to table. 
  4. Run the report and it will provide percentage in a course and view time in hours.