Insurance Verification

Contacts / Insurance Verification / Claims / Insurance Verification How to set up Insurance Verification for Change Healthcare

To enable system insurance verification requests, organizations need an active account in good standing with Change Healthcare, the CentralReach partner for insurance verifications. Once your organization is enrolled, input the following required information and click Save to send real-time eligibility requests: 

  • Sender ID 
  • Username 
  • Select the Enable Insurance Verification Requests checkbox 

Note: When you select the “Enable Insurance Verification Requests” checkbox, please be aware that the eligibility checks performed will contribute to your existing Change Healthcare transaction tier. 

Click here for more information on getting started with Change Healthcare. 

Contacts / Insurance Verification Insurance Verification Codes in the Client Report

The insurance verification status code is included in the client report that can be downloaded from the Contacts  module.

Once the report is downloaded, the verification status codes for the client’s primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance can be found under columns AU, AW, and AY, respectively.

The insurance verification status codes are:

  • 200: System Verified – the insurance has been verified through one of our gateways (Office Ally)
  • 201: Manually Verified – an employee manually verified the client’s insurance and updated the record for the client
  • 400: Ineligible – the plan is currently ineligible (or was on the last verification attempt). This can come back from a system verification or be entered manually
  • 501: Unclear – verification response where it is not an error, but the insurance is not clearly verified or is ineligible. This can also be entered manually
  • 500: Error – there was an error during the system verification process
  • 101: In Progress – this is a temporary status for when we have sent a request for system verification but have not received a response yet