CR ScheduleAI

Scheduling / CR ScheduleAI How to Run Optimization

Prior to running optimization, click here to learn what should be set up. In the “Optimize Schedule” section of the Scheduling module, users can run optimization to create a schedule for providers.

To run optimization:

  1. Navigate to the Scheduling module and select Optimize Schedule
  2. In the “Primary office Location*” drop-down, select an office location
    • Please note, providers and clients need to have a primary office location in the “Basics” section of their Profile.
  3. In the “Filter Clients” and “Filter Providers” sections, search for labels in the search bar
  4. In the “Apply Service Codes” section, search for labels in the search bar. Adding labels will pull which service codes clients have to determine which providers the client can be scheduled with. After the appointment is scheduled, the service codes will be included in the data import. If a client does not have any service codes, they can be scheduled with any provider, but the service code information will be blank.
  5. Select an Optimization type from the drop-down on the right-hand side
    • New clients: creates appointments around the existing schedule.
    • Existing client schedule: optimizes existing schedule and provides suggestions on provider swaps.
      • Click here to learn more about optimization types.
  6. Choose a desired date range up to seven days from the drop-down
  7. Adjust the session length
  8. Users can select DOWNLOAD PREVIEW to view the clients, providers, and current schedules in the selected date range for an idea of what is currently in CentralReach.
  10. After running optimization, users are directed to the “Draft Schedules” tab to view the date range, session length, and status of each draft schedule. Select the View draft icon on the right-hand side to view the appointments by provider, minimum drive time, maximum therapy hours, and balanced optimization types.
  11. Drafted appointments can be edited and the schedule can then be published.

Scheduling / CR ScheduleAI Requirements for CR ScheduleAI

Prior to running optimization, organizations should:

  1. Set up client and provider availability
    • Each user’s availability should contain days and times and a geolocated address.
  2. Geolocate the primary office locations for clients and providers, as well as the following:
    • Client’s home address
    • Provider’s home address
    • Organization addresses
  3. Set primary locations for clients and providers
    • The provider should have a primary office location saved.
    • The client should have a location in the availability and a primary office location saved.
      • If the provider and client’s home address is not geolocated, the geolocated office address will be used as a default address.
  4. Provide appropriate users with the CR ScheduleAI permission(s)

Scheduling / CR ScheduleAI Viewing and Editing Drafted Appointments

To view a drafted appointment:

  1. Navigate to the Scheduling module and select Optimize Schedule
  2. After running optimization, users will be directed to the “Draft Schedules” tab
  3. Select the View draft icon on the right-hand side of a draft schedule
  4. In the draft schedule, select Minimum Drive Time, Maximum Therapy Hours, or Balanced and search for a provider in the search bar
  5. Selecting an appointment displays “DETAILS” and “SERVICE CODES” tabs.
    • Details: includes appointment type, provider, appointment date, address, time zone, and start and end times.
    • Service codes: contains any applied (authorized) and available service codes.
    • Any validation errors will display above the provider and client’s names.
  6. Click SAVE if any changes were made

7. Select PUBLISH SCHEDULE to include the draft appointments in the live schedule.