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Business Optimization / Contacts / Getting Started How to Offboard Employees

Organizations should follow the steps below to offboard employees leaving their organization.

To offboard employees:

  1. After the employee’s last day, remove their access and add a “SSO Connection Removed” label.
  2. Audit the user’s account by:
    • Converting all rendered appointments
    • Checking clinical documentation for signatures
    • Ensuring appointments have the correct start and end times
  3. Cancel or delete all past and present appointments that have not been rendered. 
  4. Delete all future appointments.
    • Reschedule clients with another employee, if necessary.
  5. Run payroll for the employee.
  6. It is recommended to add “INACTIVE” to the employee’s last name, especially if there are multiple employees with the same name.
  7. Deactivate the employee’s account.