Benefit Settings

Human Resources / Settings / Benefit Settings How to Input and Manage Company Benefits

To access your benefit settings:

  1. Navigate to the Human Resources module and select Settings
  2. Select the Benefit Settings tab at the top
  3. There are two sections, Benefit Plans and Benefit Group
    • Benefit Plans: the individual benefits that are offered to your employees (E.g. Vision, dental, health, etc)
    • Benefit Groups: a packaged group of benefit plans that can be offered to one or more employees

Benefit Plans

Before you can create a benefit group, you must first input the plans you will be offering.

To create a new Benefit Plan:

  1. Click the Benefit Plans tab, then click  Benefit Plan  in the top right corner
  2. Choose a benefit type in the drop-down
  3. Fill in the plan details, then choose who the plan will cover
  4. Click Save Plan

Benefit Groups

Once Benefit Plans are created, they will be under the Benefit Settings tab. Benefit Groups can now be created and have plans applied to them.

To create a benefit group:

  1. Select the Benefit Group tab, then click Benefit Group
  2. Give the group a name and choose the deduction occurrence and group benefit plans
  3. Save Group must be clicked prior to adding employees
  4. Add or manage existing employees by clicking on the Manage Employees button at the bottom of the page

Now you can add all types of Benefit Plans and Groups for your company. Once you have added each type of plan, define when an employee becomes eligible for the plan, and if applicable, the employee cost, which changes the company cost.