Billing / Billing / Filters / Payments How to Download the Payment Export Report

To export the Payment Export report:

  1. Navigate to the  Billing module and select Payments
  2. Click the calendar drop-down and select the dates you want the report to pull from: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, This Month, Last Month, or a Custom Range
  3. Select or unselect payment types in the Payment Types drop-down and then click Apply filters
  4. The + next to each payment will expand for more information on the billing entry
  5. Once you have applied the desired filters and have the Payment Export report(s) you want to export, Click the cloud icon on the right-hand side and choose either CSV or Text file
    • In the Export pop-up, click Download to export the report to your computer, or Go To Files to view the report file in the  Files module
  6. The report will have several columns:
    • ID
    • Billing Entry ID
    • Record Date
    • Creation Date
    • Date of Service
    • Client Name
    • Department
    • Payor Name
    • Payment Type
    • Reference
    • Notes
    • Resource ID
    • Amount
    • Is Copay
    • Applied by Contact ID
    • Applied by Full Name
    • Voided By
    • Voided Date
    • Voided Reason
    • Payment Labels
    • Primary Location
    • Invoice #
    • First Billed
    • Procedure Code String
    • Claims
    • Claim Adjustments