HHAeXchange (HHAX)

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / HHAeXchange (HHAX) HHAeXchange (HHAX) NJ – The Ins and Outs

HHAeXchange (HHAX) services both state Medicaid agencies and MCOs. For CR Mobile users that are providing services to clients in New Jersey, HHAX will house all data required for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). 

Contact HHAX to set up credentials. After receiving credentials, organizations need to contact their Account Manager to enable the necessary feature key. 

Connecting CentralReach to HHAX 

Click here to learn how to register for HHAX and to select CentralReach as your alternate EVV vendor. 

Click here for the HHAX and CR Mobile checklist, for required set up and submission steps. 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / HHAeXchange (HHAX) HHAeXchange (HHAX) Permissions

HHAeXchange (HHAX) requires the following CentralReach permissions: 

  • Billing 
    • (Billing > Access), (Billing > Visit Verification), (Billing > Manage Timesheets), (Draft Timesheets > Submit Draft), (Draft Timesheets > Manage) 
  • Claims 
    • (Claims > Access) 
    • (Claims > Create) 
  • Contacts 
    • (Contacts > Access) and (Contacts > Manage Employees) 
  • Draft Timesheets 
    • Submit draft: Can submit the draft timesheet if no EVV errors are present. 
    • Manage draft: Can submit the draft timesheet with EVV errors. 
  • CR Mobile 
    • (CR Mobile > Access) 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / HHAeXchange (HHAX) HHAeXchange (HHAX) Reason Codes

CR Code CR Reason Code Description HHAX NJ
CR01 Missing or incorrect address on appointment 207
CR02 Error collecting GPS coordinates 216
CR04 Device malfunctioned 217
CR05 Staff failed to clock in/out 210
CR07 Staff error 219
CR08 Client cancel/unavailable 206
CR12 No cell coverage 218
CR13 Service outside of home 204
CR14 Additional hours worked 211
CR15 Less hours worked 211
CR16 Staff failed to clock in 208
CR17 Staff failed to clock out 209