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CR Mobile ABC Data Collection in CR Mobile

ABC Data Collection is available to all CR Mobile users with their clinical/Learn subscription. Providers can collect ABC Data when using CR Mobile. Please note, users must create ABC templates in CentralReach prior to collecting data in CR Mobile.

To collect ABC Data:

  1. After logging in to CR Mobile and starting an appointment, select a session. When users start collecting data, an ABC Data Collection icon will display.
  2. In the Targets or Learning Tree tabs, tap Start Data Collection

    • If the session has not been started, the “Session Timer Not Started” pop-up allows users to start sessions. Tap Yes to start the session.
    • If the appointment has not been started, the “Appointment not started” pop-up allows users to tap Start Appointment to start appointments
  3. In the “ABC Data Collection” screen, select one or more behaviors and click Continue.
    • Tap the pause button at the top of the “Index/NET View” screen to pause the session timer
  4. Enter a response in the “Antecedent” and “Consequence” sections, and scroll down to complete the remaining fields. All sections require a response.
  5. Click Save

CR Mobile / Learn / Session Note Templates Completing Session Notes in CR Mobile

Users can complete Session Notes throughout appointments if the associated service code is set to “Required”. If the Session Note is not required, they can be completed after the appointment is finished. 

To complete Session Note Templates in CR Mobile:

  1. If Session Notes are required, complete Session Notes prior to completing the appointment. Select the Tasks tab from the “Appointment Details” screen and tap Session Notes. 
    • If Session Notes are not required to be completed during the appointment, end the appointment. After completing the appointment, complete Session Notes from the Appointment Summary screen.
  2. Select a session note from the “Session Notes” screen. A list of session notes grouped by service code will display. Session notes with a red asterisk (*) are required and need to be completed.

3. Fill out the session note according to the instructions or description listed under each prompt, if any, and click Save & Attach. In the “Are you sure you want to save & attach this note?” pop-up, click Save.

4. After completing all required session notes, click Continue.

5. In the “Appointment Details” screen select Confirm to add the session note to the completed appointment for users to view on the web.

6. Click Confirm in the “Appointment Summary” screen. If the completed appointment has any exceptions, a draft timesheet will be created. The session note will then be located in the timesheet.

Please note, insurance information is required in authorizations to be viewed in Session Notes in CR Mobile.

CR Mobile Forgot PIN Code in CR Mobile

  1. If users forget the PIN code used to log in, click Forgot PIN code
  2. Enter your email address and password in the login screen.
  3. Users will receive an email to reset their PIN code.

CR Mobile How to Add Drive Time to Appointments in CR Mobile

Users can collect drive time and mileage in CR Mobile when any of the service codes in the appointment have “Drive Time & Miles” set to optional. Travel information is allocated to the first segment of the timesheet if multiple service codes are added to the appointment. 

  1. Before ending the appointment click Travel time in the Appointment Details
  2. If drive time and/or miles were added to the appointment, CR Mobile will display the values. Enter travel time in the Hour(s), Minute(s), and Mile(s) fields. When modified, the event’s travel time will also be edited.
  3. Click Save 

CR Mobile How to Enable Biometrics in CR Mobile

Users can enable FaceID or Touch ID when logging into CR Mobile, provided the mobile device is capable of biometrics.

To enable biometrics in CR Mobile:

  1. Navigate to the Settings module
  2. Tap the Biometric Login toggle
  3. Tap Setup Biometrics

  4. Enable Face ID or Touch ID, depending on the device
  5. The “Biometric Login” toggle will now be enabled

CR Mobile How to Reset PIN Codes in CR Mobile

To reset your PIN code in CR Mobile:

  1. Navigate to the Settings module and select Reset PIN
  2. Enter a new 6-digit PIN
  3. Enter the 6-digit PIN again to confirm
  4. Tap Continue in the “Your PIN Setup is Complete!” pop-up

CR Mobile How to Update CR Mobile

Users should ensure their CR Mobile application is running the latest version for performance enhancements and new features. 

To check CR Mobile’s version:

  1. Open CR Mobile
  2. The version number will display on the login screen and in the About section.

If you are not running the latest version, manually update the application. Users can also enable automatic updates:

  • iOS: Click here. Scroll down to “How to turn on or off automatic updates on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch”.
  • Android: Click here.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / Address Management / CR Mobile / Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) How to Use GPS Service Validation with CR Mobile

Premium CR Mobile users can utilize GPS service validation when completing appointments. This helps organizations keep track of where and when employees delivered services for auditing and Medicaid agency submission. Please note, preparation should be done prior to completing the usual CR Mobile appointment process.

To utilize GPS service validation with CR Mobile:

  1. Complete the steps included in the Preparing for GPS Service Validation help article.
  2. Ensure the appropriate CR Mobile permissions are enabled
  3. Start and complete an appointment in CR Mobile
  4. Complete Session Notes
  5. Review draft timesheets and approve exceptions, if applicable

CR Mobile How to View Queued Data in CR Mobile

Users can view data that has not yet been sent to CentralReach. Data not yet sent to CentralReach is typically the result of users in offline mode.

To view queued data in CR Mobile:

  1. Navigate to the Settings module and select View Queued Data
  2. Tap the refresh icon on the right-hand side to view the most recent data that has not been updated in CentralReach yet
    • If there is no data to sync, the “Queue Viewer” will state, “All data has been synced” in the middle of the screen

CR Mobile How to View Session Notifications in CR Mobile

Users can add comments to skills within sessions. When a new comment is added to a skill in a user’s session, the user will receive a notification that directs to the specific comment.

To view session comments:

  1. Start or select a session under “My Tasks” in the Appointment Details
  2. Tap the bell icon on the right-hand side of the screen
  3. Tap a notification in “Session Comments” to be redirected to the comment

  4. The notification will then appear as read

CR Mobile Logging into CR Mobile

When logging into CR Mobile, all users must enter their email address and password and create a PIN code. If Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is enabled in CentralReach, CR Mobile users need either an authenticator app or access to an email address when logging in, along with their password and security code.

Once signed in, Face ID or Touch ID can be used in place of a verification code, unless the user signs out.

To log into CR Mobile:

  1. Log into your CentralReach account to validate your email address.
  2. When connected to the Internet, open CR Mobile and click LOGIN
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. If MFA enabled:
    • Using an authenticator application, open the application to receive a code.
    • Using email, a code will be sent.
  5. Users will be prompted to enter a 6 digit PIN code. Enter a PIN code and click Continue
    • If users forget their PIN code, click here.
  6. Enable Touch ID or Face ID (optional and depends on the device’s capabilities)
  7. After logging in, the default screen is the appointment screen, which shows all of the provider’s scheduled appointments.

Users will not have to validate their email address and password for 30 days, unless logging out of the application.

  • Biometrics and the PIN code will work in place of MFA authentication. After 30 days, users will need to be online to re-authenticate their email address and password.

Click here to learn how to start and end appointments.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) / Address Management / CR Mobile / Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Preparing for GPS Service Validation

To utilize GPS service validation, users must have Visit Verification enabled on the appropriate service codes and access to the premium version of CR Mobile. Users can then utilize the “EVV Visit Export,” which is useful for GPS service validation, auditing, and Medicaid agency submission.

  1. Enable Visit Verification in the service code(s)
  2. Create “GPS” service code labels and attach them to the GPS codes
  3. Geolocate client addresses and/or office locations. Users can utilize Address Management to bulk geolocate addresses.
    • Please note, for recurring appointments without geolocated addresses, new appointments must be created to enable geocoded locations.
  4. Enable the following Draft Timesheets permissions and access for:
    • Providers: (Draft Timesheets > Access) and (Draft Timesheets > Submit Draft) to correct and submit their own non-GPS exception draft timesheets.
    • Draft timesheet approvers: (Draft Timesheets > Access) and (Draft Timesheets > Manage) to correct and submit GPS exception draft timesheets.
  5. Enable Session Notes and Session Note Templates permissions and access for:
    • Session Note Template creators: (Session Templates > Access), (Session Templates > Add New Templates), and (Session Templates > Delete Templates) to access, create, and delete Templates, as well as add Templates to service codes.
    • Providers: (Session Notes > Add Note) and (Session Notes > Edit Note) to complete and add notes via timesheets.
    • Admins and billing teams: (Session Notes > Unlock), (Session Notes > Delete) to unlock and delete a Session Note via timesheets.
  6. Create Session Note Templates and associate them with service codes.
  7. Enable CR Mobile permissions and access for:
    • Providers: (CR Mobile > Access) and (Map > Access).
  8. Complete CR Mobile appointments, as expected.

After completing these steps, appointment details (including GPS-stamped start time, end time, signatures, etc.,) will appear in the EVV Visit Report located in the Practice Auditing section of the Insights module.

CR Mobile Starting and Ending a Session in CR Mobile

To start and end a session in CR Mobile:

  1. Log in to CR Mobile.
  2. “SLIDE TO START” the appointment.
  3. Tap Start Data Collection to start the session. 
    • Please note, the “Appointment not started” pop-up will display if the user attempts to start the session without having started the appointment. “SLIDE TO START” the appointment to start the appointment and data collection, or Continue to Data Collection to only collect data.
  4. To graph an individual target, tap the ellipses icon next to the goal name and select Graph Target.
  5. Tap Done to finish collecting data and “SLIDE TO END” the session.

    • Please note, if the session is incomplete and paused, the data will be saved on the device until the session is completed.
  6. In the “Session Summary” screen, review the session data and then tap End Data Collection.

  7. After ending a session, users are notified the session has ended and are then redirected to the appointment tasks to complete the appointment.

Click here to learn more about the My Learners module.

CR Mobile Starting and Ending Appointments in CR Mobile

Premium CR Mobile users can access the Schedule module and complete appointments. If users will be utilizing Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), click here to learn how to enable it before starting an appointment. 

To start an appointment:

  1. Log into CR Mobile and select an appointment
  2. In the “Appointment Details” screen, select the Details tabs to view the appointment details:
    • The “Details” tab includes the Location Type, Service Codes associated with the appointment, and the option to +Add a Note.

      • Notes will appear in the “History” tab of the appointment details in CentralReach. Please note, this is not a Session Note.
    • Select to complete each section after starting an appointment.
    • For users with permission to cancel the appointment, click the ellipsis icon on the upper right-hand side to cancel the appointment.
  3. Five minutes prior to the start time of appointments, a notification will appear notifying users of the scheduled start time.
    • Please note, users cannot start appointments on any other day besides the day of the appointment or the current day.
    • A notification will display if users start an appointment at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Users can tap Yes to start the appointment early.
  4. SLIDE TO START” the appointment at the bottom of the screen.
    • If an appointment without an attached service code is started, an error message stating, “Warning: This appointment does not have a service code” will display. It is recommended to add a service code to the appointment in CentralReach prior to starting the appointment.
    • A “Location Alert” pop-up will appear if:
      • Users are outside of the 300-meter radius of the service location when starting and ending an appointment.
      • There is no GPS signal or it is turned off.
      • Selecting Yes will start the appointment.
        • The provider’s location will not be captured and exceptions will appear on the draft timesheet after completing the appointment.
      • Selecting No will prevent users from continuing.
    • If EVV is enabled, the location will be captured.
  5. The service code will determine if a signature must be captured prior to ending the appointment. After collecting data, if signatures are required, select Signatures to capture the client’s name and signature.
    • BCBA and “other” signatures can be assigned to specific users and collected later on the web.
    • The Signatures drop-down will note the assigned and collected or uncollected signatures.

    • Signatures will be saved on the appointment’s timesheet for conversion.
  1. Click Done.
  2. Select +Add A Note to add appointment notes and click Done. The “Notes” section will contain the note underneath with the pencil icon to edit the note.

To end an appointment:

  1. Users should complete any optional incomplete session notes.
  2. After completing the appointment, “SLIDE TO END” the appointment.
  3. Users will be redirected to the “Appointment Summary” screen. The start time, end time, and length of the appointment will display. Edit the start and end time of appointments and service codes, if necessary.
    • Please note, the start and end times cannot be edited if EVV is enabled.
    • If adjustments are made, a new “Time Remaining” section shows how much time has been over and under allocated for service codes. If the durations don’t match, the remaining time will be in red. Please note, this section defaults to “0 mins” and will only change if manual adjustments are made.
  4. Review the time details and click SIGN AND COMPLETE or COMPLETE LATER. 
    • The “SIGN AND COMEPLETE” button allows users to provide their own signature and complete the appointment. 
      • Please note, this button will only appear if all required tasks have been completed for the appointment.

  5. If a user has not completed all required tasks for an appointment, they can select the “COMPLETE LATER” button to save their current progress in the appointment and complete the appointment in CR Mobile later. 
    • Incomplete appointments will be marked “In progress” and have a red “Appointment incomplete” notice on the Schedule screen. 
    • Users can select the appointment to view the specific missing requirements. The incomplete section will also have a red asterisk (*) next to the required field. 

Please note, if an appointment is not completed at the scheduled end time, a notification will display five minutes past the end time.

Any errors collected when starting and ending an appointment will appear in a draft timesheet in the “Draft Timesheet” section of the Billing module. Appointments without errors will be in a timesheet.

CR Mobile / Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Steps for Enabling Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

To be Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) compliant and properly capture providers’ locations when providing services, the following steps need to be completed in CentralReach and the premium version of CR Mobile:

  1. Service code properties must have the “Visit Verification” checkbox selected. To enable this property:
    • When editing a service code, select the Visit Verification checkbox under the “Validation” section.
      • When visit verification is enabled, “Enforce Single Timesheet Conversion” and “Requires Schedule Conversion” are automatically enabled and cannot be edited.
      • The “Provider Signature” and “Client Signature” drop-downs will be set to “Required”.
        • Please note, this is an EVV requirement and it is not recommended to change these fields.
      • The service address, provider signature, and client signature are now required fields.
    • Please note, if an appointment has a service code with Visit Verification enabled, then service lines cannot be added or deleted. EVV service codes cannot be added to existing timesheets.
  2. Addresses in existing appointments must be geocoded.
  3. After downloading CR Mobile, users must have the appropriate CR Mobile permissions.
  4. Location services on mobile devices should be “on”.
    • If location services are off, providers’ locations will not be captured.
  5. If users have Electronic Visit Verification enabled, they will receive a warning message, if:
    • They are outside of the service location when starting and ending an appointment.
    • There is no GPS signal or it is turned off.
    • Please note, the warning message will not prevent providers from continuing, but will capture their current longitude and latitude.
  6. Learning trees and sessions/ data must be shared with providers.

Click here to learn more about geocoding.
Click here to learn more about CR Mobile.

CR Mobile The CR Mobile Set up Guide

The CR Mobile application is designed to provide RBTs with a guided workflow that can be completed directly on a provider’s mobile device.

The CR Mobile Set up Guide