The Files Module is represented by a briefcase icon, and is where users can access all the files that have been uploaded and shared with the user.

Files Files Module Navigation Menu

When navigating to the Files module, the main drop-down menu has the following options to help users access and manage files:

  • Upload Files: upload a file.
  • Create a New Authorization: create a new client authorization.
  • All Files: view all files.
  • Shared with Me: view all files that have been shared with you.
  • Owned by Me: view all of the files you own.
  • Uploaded by Me: view all files uploaded by you.
  • Authorization Templates: view and create authorization templates.
  • Document Management
    • Document Templates: view and create document templates.
    • Document Management Report: view document reports.

Files Files Module Permissions

Employees with the following permissions have various levels of access to the Files module. These permissions can be enabled via the Permissions module.

  1. Access
    • Basic access to the Files module
  2. Authorizations > Access (Basic)
    • Access authorizations tab in billing, with rights to see any authorizations they are a part of
  3. Authorizations > Access (Full)
    • Access authorizations tab in billing, with rights to see all authorizations of people in their organization’s network, as well as authorized amounts
  4. Authorizations > Manage
    • Add, edit, or remove authorizations from files
  5. Authorizations > Manage Templates
    • Manage re-usable authorization templates
  6. Document Management > Classify Documents
    • Classify existing documents using document management templates
  7. Document Management > Manage Templates
    • Add, edit, and remove Document Templates
  8. Document Management > View Report
    • Access to the Document Management Report
  9. File > Download
    • Ability to download files
  10. Files > Manage
    • Edit and delete files that are shared with the grantee
    • This also allows employees to delete authorizations, as authorizations become files
  11. Files > Manage Organization Labels
    • Add, edit, and remove organization labels
  12. Files > Upload
    • Upload files
  13. Files > Use Organization labels
    • Add and remove organization labels to and from files

Click here to learn about other permissions.

Files The Employee Import Permissions

The Employee Import is located in the Files module and can be accessed by users with the following permissions:

  • (Files > Access)
  • (Files > Download)
  • (Files > Upload)
  • (Files > Imports > Access Auto Imports & Manual Imports)
  • (Insights > Access): Only needed for users to access the export in the Insights module.