Client Portal

The Client Portal is CentralReach’s web portal for organizations’ end clients. The portal is designed with an easy to navigate user experience, menus, and features tailored specifically for end clients to access their account information.

Client Portal Client Portal Flyers

Download the two Client Portal Flyers, which have been designed by CentralReach for organizations to hand out to their clients. The Client Portal Flyers include details about all the features available in the Client Portal. One version is tailored for new clients, for you to encourage them to request login credentials and to access the portal. The second version is tailored for clients who had access to the previous Client Portal version, so they can have more details on the updates just launched.

  1. New Clients: Client Portal Flyer
  2. Existing Clients: Client Portal Updates

Please note that these are generic flyers and that some features require the organization to be subscribed to the service, in order to make them available in the Client Portal (credit card billing, Messages module, Clinical module). Contact your Customer Success Specialist if you would like to learn more about these features.

Client Portal / Scheduling Enable/Disable Client Appointment View

When scheduling new client appointments, you can control the appointments clients are able to view in their Schedule menu in the Client Portal. Client appointment visibility must be defined when creating a brand new appointment through the Visible to Client toggle. When Visible to Client is enabled, the client will always see the appointment in their schedule, and all future appointments in the recurring series. If enabled, client visibility cannot be hidden after the appointment is created, and the appointment and all recurring series will be shown in the Client Portal. If the toggle is disabled when the appointment is created, the appointment will be hidden from the client schedule in the Client Portal, and users will be able to enable view for each individual appointment one by one, or in bulk, at a later time.

To disable the Visible to Client toggle:

  1. Navigate to the  Scheduling module and select  Settings
  2. Click  Additional Settings
  3. Click the Allow Hiding Appointments from Clients drop-down and select No
  4. Click Update

Click here to learn how to create an appointment.

Click here to learn how to unhide an appointment from the Client Portal.

Client Portal Enable/Disable Client Contact View

The  Permissions module provides you an option that allows you to create a permission group with users who should be hidden from clients in the Client Portal. This feature allows you to hide contacts who need to be connected to clients for administrative tasks such as billing and scheduling, but should not be visible to the client in the Client Portal Teams menu, for messaging or any other communication.

To learn how to create a permission group to hide contacts from the client, click here.