CR Go is CentralReach’s mobile app.


CR GO is CentralReach’s mobile application and was created to provide on the go staff all of the functionality needed for data collection and scheduling from a mobile device, online or offline. The app is integrated to CentralReach’s powerful Clinical and Practice Management platform, streamlining workflows, to increase staff’s productivity, allowing them to focus on what matters most: the client.

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1. Can I create a new session and access learning trees?

No. The CR Go app does not currently support the creation of a session nor access to learning trees. Users can only access and collect data for already created sessions.

2. Can I do session handoff?

No. CR Go does not currently support session handoff. All targets must be graphed by each user when data is collected, to save the data.

3. Can I schedule or reschedule an appointment?

No. Scheduling and rescheduling is not supported at this time. Users can only view scheduled appointments and cancel appointments in the Schedule module.

4. Are there more resources to learn about CR Go?

Yes, click here to view and download the CR Go Playbook.

5. How and when is data synced to the learning tree?

When collecting data while having online access, as soon as a target or all targets are graphed, or a comment is entered in a session, the items will be updated in the learning tree branch. If data is collected offline, once targets are graphed, all data and comments will be synced to the learning tree as soon as internet connectivity is regained.

6. How do I view a client’s most updated session?

To view the most updated session, open CR Go while you have online access, so all branches, sessions, and appointments are updated with the most recent information. Also, refer to question #7.

7. What should I do if I can’t find a session?

If users cannot find a client’s session, it is because:

  • The user and client are not connected. Users must ensure they are connected to the client to view the client’s session for data collection.
    • Click here to learn how to connect a client to an employee.
  • A session was just created and data has not been collected. Data needs to be collected in the session for it to show in CR Go.

If users have internet connectivity and an active session has been shared, but a session is still not found, submit a support ticket for further assistance.

8. Where is the trial and routine view?

Trial and Routine view is currently not supported.

9. What can’t I share a video with a colleague?

If a colleague is not showing up to share a session video with, it is because that user is not connected to the client. Therefore, the client’s videos or information cannot be shared.

10. Why are some branches not appearing in a session?

Some branches may not appear in a session, such as items in Routine and Trial view, which are currently not supported. If new branches are created and added to a session in offline mode, these targets will not be shown until internet connectivity is regained.

11. Why are there multiple sessions when tapping “Start Session” from my appointment?

If a client has multiple sessions, they will be seen when tapping Start Session from the “Schedule Details.” All of the client’s sessions will be shown for users to choose the session they want to start collecting data on.

CR Go CR Go Settings

In Settings, define if data syncing will be done via carrier data or WiFi, and auto-enable offline mode in sessions.

  1. Cellular Data: enable to sync sessions’ data, appointment start and end time, and signatures to CentralReach, using carrier data. If disabled, the information will only be synced while connected to WiFi.
  2. Automatic Offline Sync: tap to expand options to auto-enable offline mode in sessions:
    • Sync by Appointments: tap for offline mode to be automatically enabled in sessions with a client scheduled appointment on the current day and the day after.
    • Sync by Most Recent Sessions: tap for offline mode to be automatically enabled on your 10 most recent active sessions (an active session is a session that has had activity, started and ended, data collected, or data graphed).

Click here to learn how to start a session and collect data.

CR Go CR Go’s Main Menu and Modules

CR Go’s Main Menu can be accessed from the bar menu icon on the top left-hand side. The following modules can be accessed from the main menu:

  • Schedule: view appointments, start and end appointments, GPS navigation, and finalize appointments with client signature.
  • Sessions: clients’ sessions and data sheets for online or offline data collection.

Through the main menu, access the app Settings and Logout.

Click here to learn how to download CR Go.

CR Go Downloading CR Go

CR Go is available on Android and iOS.

  • Click here to download the Android version
  • Click here to download the Android version for a Kindle device*
  • Click here to download the iOS version

*While CentralReach is no longer certifying Amazon Kindle tablets, CentralReach is still accessible via this device. However, for an optimal user experience, it is recommended to transition away from this device in the near future.

CR Go / CR Mobile / Getting Started Supported Browsers and Devices

Click here for more information on CentralReach’s supported devices and browsers.

Supported Browsers and Operating Systems

CentralReach actively tests and qualifies every software release over the latest version of Chrome and Safari browsers. However, CentralReach will support all of the major commercial browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox) by actively addressing issues reported over their latest versions.

  • To allow CentralReach to maintain its continued focus on delivering great software, we will routinely withdraw support for certain browser versions and devices, as supporting legacy browsers inhibits the ability to innovate, ensure security, and deliver new features.
  • Generally, as long as the browser is in compliance regardless of OS or device specifications, we will consider addressing issues on a case-by-case basis.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is not recommended nor supported for any of the CR Products.

Recommended Mobile Devices

A major factor in mobile platform testing is the underlying mobile operating system and the feature set the specific version provides. CentralReach will qualify each mobile software release against the following major mobile device product lines: the OS version under test will be the latest version that the manufacturer/product line allows (general availability, not beta). CentralReach recommends the following mobile devices and corresponding operating systems for the CR Mobile application:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and later S series of mobile phones.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 and later A series of tablets.
  • Apple iPhone 8 and following models updatable to the last iOS version.
  • Apple iPad 6th Generation and iPad Pro 3rd Generation of tablets and following models updatable to the last iOS version.

While CentralReach is no longer certifying Amazon Kindle tablets, nor Internet Explorer, CentralReach is still accessible via this device and browser. However, for an optimal user experience, it is recommended to transition away from this device and browser in the near future.

Updated: June 2021