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Document Management is a premium feature of the Files module, designed to store and track documents in CentralReach. Document Management allows users to manage document versions, classify and organize documents, set up expiration dates, and give access to employees to view and edit document history to keep credentials up to date.

This feature increases efficiency in three main areas:

  • New Employee Onboarding: electronically store all new hire documentation, such as resumes, I-9, etc. Employees can submit required documentation based on a preconfigured onboarding template, and documents can be automatically classified based on contact labels assigned to such templates.
  • Insurance Credentialing: maintains employees’ education, training, and experience credentials in CentralReach. Document Management allows users to put the task of maintaining credentials in employees’ hands, by allowing them to upload and maintain their credential documentation in the system, and establishing expiration dates to proactively alert them when new documents need to be uploaded.
  • Document Reporting: allows organizations to capture and monitor different types of data for administrative staff to identify single instances and trends over time. Users have access to the Document Management Report, where they can view all current, missing, or expired documents, and export documents when needed across multiple areas.