Contact Forms

Contacts / Utilities & Tools / Contact Forms Automation & Files Tab

  • Connect to: auto connects this new employee with an existing employee.
  • Permission > Edit: can modify.
  • Permission > View: read only.
  • Documents: a file uploaded that is not created from a note or an authorization.
  • Notes: a file that is created from a Note & Form template.
  • Authorizations: a file that is uploaded as an authorization.
  • Learn: learning trees assigned to clients.
  • Sessions: electronic data sheets assigned to clients.
  • Contact Labels: automatically add a label(s) to a new contact.
  • Learning Trees: assign a learning tree to a new contact.
  • Notify Contacts: send an email and dashboard notification to a user. Users listed here must be added to the list of users that should automatically connect to any new contacts.
  • Assign Tasks to New Contact: automatically assign tasks(s) to this new contact. Tasks can only be assigned via a Task Template.
  • Request Files to Be Uploaded: upload files to this new contact with their form submission. These files can optionally be labeled.
  • Add Primary Location: automatically apply “Primary Location” to a new contact.
  • URL Redirect Upon Completion: send a new contact to a web page, following submission.

Contacts / Utilities & Tools / Contact Forms Details Tab

  • Form Link: use this URL to access this form publicly.
  • Form Type: Generic, Employee, or Client.
  • Accessibility > Public: accessible to anyone with the above form link, or internally.
  • Accessibility > Private: accessible to only members of the organization.
  • Name: name of the custom Contact Form.
  • Description: description of the custom Contact Form.

Contacts / Utilities & Tools / Contact Forms Email Tab

The “Email” tab allows users to personalize the emails sent to new accounts created using custom Contact Forms. If “Send custom email” has been checked, then users can enter the welcome email’s “Subject” and “Body”. 

Optionally, the “Send login information” checkbox allows users to attach login credentials to welcome emails. When selected, the contact is automatically converted to a user and can access CentralReach.

Please note, if neither of these checkboxes have been selected, the contact is created without access to CentralReach and an email is not sent.