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Custom contact forms are the most efficient way to create user profiles in CentralReach and auto-generate login information. Contact forms can be used internally or externally for direct client onboarding, on an organization’s website, or for prospective employees to submit applications.

Users can click the “Form status” drop-down in the “Contact Forms” screen to filter the screen by active and archived custom Contact Forms. Users can also click the column headers in the screen to sort by the number of submissions, creation date, form type, and status. 

There are three types of contact forms:

  • Generic Form: submissions via this form create generic accounts. Generic accounts do not incur monthly charges from CentralReach. 
    • Consider using this option if planning to set up a job application for candidates. If the candidate becomes an official employee, the account can be converted to an employee account.
  • Client Form: submissions via this form create client accounts.
  • Employee Form: submissions via this form create employee accounts and will incur a monthly charge from CentralReach. 
    • Consider using this option if the contact being added is an official employee who is ready to bill for services.

Benefits of contact forms include, but are not limited to:

  • Any contact added through a contact form can automatically be labeled and connected to other providers, schedulers, and admin. Contacts can be assigned to permission groups and service codes, eliminating manual profile connections.
  • These forms can require certain documentation to be uploaded at the time of submission, such as a copy of an insurance card or resume.
  • An organization using the Learn module can assign training courses and policy and procedure manuals to specific contacts.

Click here to learn how to edit a contact form.