CR PrecisionX / Tags Creating Tags

Tags provide a way to communicate important information and organize your Chartlytics account for efficient use across and between users.

Before you can use Tags, they need to be created for your organization and can only be created by a user with administrative access to the organization.

To create tags:

  1. Log in to your Chartlytics account and click on the organization name of your account
  2. From the drop-down menu that appears, click Tags
  3. You will now see that you have the option to create new Chart, User, Performer, Pinpoint and Journal tags
  4. Click the Create… button for the tag you want
    • Type the tag name
    • Select a color
    • Click Create and a success message will appear stating “Created new tag!”
  5. If you want to add another tag, simply click OK
  6. If you want to edit a tag, simply click the  Edit option and the text box will be available to make adjustments
  7. If you want to delete a tag, simply click the Delete option and you will see the following message:
    • Are you sure? Deleting the tag will remove it from all chart’s.”
      • Once done, it will state it was successfully deleted

CR PrecisionX / Tags Types of Tags

Creating new tags of all types, while the process is similar, where they apply to the app can vary in location. Here is a rundown of how and where to use your new tags.

Chart Tags

Once you have added your chart tag, the tag will show up in a few important places like the legend (if it is turned on), the chart list, the goal sheet and the worksheet.

To use your Chart tags:

  1. Open your Performers tab at the top
  2. Choose your performer and open a chart
  3. Click the Tags button above the chart
  4. From the drop-down menu, select the chart tag you desire
    • Click Save and X out of the menu

User Tags

In your User tags, your account may come with pre-loaded tags that you can use, but if they are not relevant to your organization, you can simply edit or delete them.

Once you have created your new user tags, the next step is to assign them to users.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to your Users page by clicking on the name of your organization
  2. Select Users from the drop-down menu and click on a user
  3. From the user’s profile, click Tags and select the appropriate tag
    • Click Save and X out of the menu

Now you will see the user tag here on the user’s profile and if you go back to the Users page, you will see the tag appear in your list of users.

Performer Tags

Performer tags can be really useful to organize clients or students by their intervention focus, or the program location they are in.

Once you have created all of your performer tags, it is time to assign them to performers.

To do so:

  1. Navigate and click the Performers tab at the top
  2. Open a performer
  3. On the performers’ page, there is a tab titled Tags, click to open up a drop-down menu
  4. Select the relevant performer tags
    • Click Save and X out of the menu

You will now see the performer tags appear below the performer’s name on this page and if you go back to your list of performers, you will also see the tags appear there.

Now if you were to go to the performer’s chart view, you can click on the Tags button just like with Chart tags, but now a new tab will be available called Performers.

Pinpoint Tags

Pinpoint tags are unique because pinpoints already have a complex organization system, so the tags you will create will likely reflect whatever isn’t already accounted for with your pinpoint library organization, or the categories you have put your pinpoints.

Once you have created your pinpoint tags:

  1. Navigate to Pinpoints at the top of the page
  2. Open your pinpoint library and open a pinpoint
  3. Locate the Description section and add a tag here on the right
  4. Click the COMPLETE button to save

Upon returning to your pinpoint library, open a category and you will see the pinpoint tag appear in the list.

Journal Tags

Journal Tags are a great way to communicate about journals. Think of journal tags as sticky notes, or a visual cue to draw someone’s attention to a journal.

To get to a journal to add your new tag:

  1. Navigate to the Performers tab
  2. Open a performer and locate their Journals tab
    • Note: Journals MUST be turned on for your organization to see this option
  3. Open the Journals tab to see the performers journals
  4. If you are adding a journal, click Add Journal and enter information
  5. When you’ve finished typing, open tags here
  6. Select the relevant tag and click SAVE
  7. Do not forget to also SAVE your new journal entry