CR PrecisionX / Categories Creating a Pinpoint Category

Pinpoint categories are like folders that help organize your pinpoint library. They stay with a pinpoint when you create a chart, and they also can help you sort through a list of charts for a performer, sort of like a tag.

To set this up:

  1. Navigate to the Pinpoints tab and locate the button called Create Category
  2. Click Create Category and a box will pop up to enter a New Category Name and enter any tags necessary
  3. Enter a description and format using the rich text edit toolbar (if so desired) and also drag and drop (or select) files to add
  4. Click the CREATE button
    • A message box will appear at the lower left stating Created new category! [category name] [category name hyperlink]

You can navigate to the new category by simply clicking on the category name hyperlink that is provided or simply close out of the Pinpoints Library by clicking the X at the top of the screen.

Pinpoint categories can also be nested within other pinpoint categories.

  1. Navigate to your Pinpoints library and open a category
  2. Click Create Category
  3. Follow the same process to create a category

You can create as many layers of categories within categories as you see fit following the same procedure.