Information about Invoices

Billing / Invoices Allow Clients to See Charge Rates on Their Timesheets

Under the Misc section of any service code’s settings, there is an option to click a checkbox labeled as Show Client Rates. With this feature enabled, clients can view the billed rate, charges, and owed amount on their timesheets. If this option is unchecked, these fields will populate with $0.

Billing / Invoices Create an Invoice for a School District or Regional Center

Invoices can be sent directly to schools or regional centers by creating an invoice. The school’s address should already be placed in the client’s Payors section of their profile, which makes it eligible to bring onto the invoice, by selecting Use insurance address instead of subscriber’s during invoice configuration.

Billing / Invoices Invoice Global Settings

When saving the global settings for an invoice, the settings are saved to the account that made those changes.

  • i.e. If employee A saves the global settings to a PR invoice, employee B cannot use those same settings.

For a team of billers, it is recommended to make a job aid, so they can utilize/edit the same settings and all of the invoices will then be the same.