Task Templates

Tasks / Task Templates Create a Task Template

Task Templates can be created when frequently creating a task for the same list of activities or action items. Once the Task Template is created, utilize the Task Template when creating the new task, to facilitate and expedite the task creation process.

To create a Task Template:

  1. Navigate to the Tasks module and select Task Templates
  2. Click + NEW TEMPLATE on the top right-hand side
  3. Click Template Name to enter the name of the template
  4. Click Optional template description to add a brief description
  5. Click the gray x button to turn it to green, to share the template with other employees in your organization for them to create tasks with it. They cannot edit the Task Template
    • Please note, only the organization account and employees with the (Tasks > Task Templates) permission enabled can share Task Templates with everyone. Shared Task Templates are only visible when editing in the creator’s list, but are accessible for other users when creating a task. Once a task template has been shared and saved, access cannot be revoked.
  6. Click Create
  7. Click the button under Add a New Task, to start adding action items to the template:
    • Click Enter a name for this task to enter the name of the action item
    • Due date offset days: enter the number of days after a task is created using this template, this action item will be due. If the due date is 0, the action item will be due the same date the task is created
    • Time of day task is due: enter the time of the day when the task created with this template will be due
    • Optionally, apply task labels to each task once this template is assigned: add task labels to the template
    • Click the save icon to save the action item
  8. Repeat step 7 to add more action items to the Task Template
  9. Click Save

Tasks / Task Templates View and Edit a Task Template

To view and edit a Task Template:

  1. Navigate to the  Tasks module and select Task Templates
  2. All Task Templates will be displayed. Select the template you want to view or edit
  3. Edit the template details and tasks action items
  4. Click Save

Tasks / Task Templates Create a Task Using a Task Template

To create a task using a Task Template:

  1. Navigate to the  Tasks module and select + Add New Task
  2. In the New Task screen, complete the form with the following information
    • Name: name of the task
    • Description: a detailed description of the task
    • Click the Use a template link underneath the Description bar
    • Click the Template drop-down and select the Task Template
    • Template Tasks: list all of the action items included in the template
      • Due: edit the due date and time of each task. Assigning a due date will enable you to filter tasks in the tasks screen and in the  Tasks module’s main menu, by Due Today and Overdue
    • Who is responsible?: click the drop-down to select one of the following
      • Me: if the task is an assignment for yourself
      • Let me choose someone…: to assign the task to somebody else
        • Find Person/Group: enter the name of the person, group, or label the task should be assigned to
      • Leave unassigned: if the task should not be assigned to anybody. Use this option to create a queue of tasks that can be worked on and completed by other users in the organization
    • Is this task on behalf of a person?: select one of the following
      • Yes: if the task is being created on behalf of another person
        • On behalf of: enter the name of the person the task is created for
      • No: if the task is not created on behalf of another person
    • Add Labels: enter labels to easily filter and organize your tasks
  3. Click Create Task

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