The Insights module (formerly, the Reporting module) is represented by the graph icon and includes all the reports within the system, along with advanced dashboards and graphs to measure and track key performance metrics.

Insights CR Insights

The  Insights module, formerly the  Reporting module, provides organizations with reporting visibility of their business performance. All users with access to the  Insights module can view a complementary dashboard, My Appointments, as well as any custom or built in reports developed for the organization. Users with access to the  Insights module can request more information directly from CentralReach.

To access the standard dashboards, request upgraded access at an additional cost. For pricing and to request more information, contact your CentralReach CSL or email

Insights Insights Dashboards Permissions

The following permissions are available to provide users access to the  Insights module. These permissions can be enabled/disabled via the  Permissions module.

  1. Access
    • Basic access to the  Insights module
  2. Settings > Manage
    • Use report settings, allowing individual report assigning

Once an organization subscribes to the  Insights module’s business intelligence dashboards, a user with the (Settings > Manage) permission can enable/disable other users’ access to each dashboard. All of the dashboards will be listed under the “Insights Dashboards” category within the “Settings” section of the Insights module. Click here to learn how to assign these permissions.

Click here to learn more about permissions.

Insights Insights Module Permissions

Employees with the following permissions have various levels of access to the Insights module. These permissions can be enabled via the Permissions module.

  1. Access
    • Basic access to the Insights module.
  2. Settings > Manage
    • Use report settings allowing individual report assigning.
  3. Settings > Designer Seat Management
    • Access to manage report designer seats. Click here to learn more about Advanced Business Intelligence permissions.

Click here to learn about other permissions.

Insights Learn More About the Insights Dashboards

There are 14 standard dashboards located in the  Insights module. Every user with access to the  Insights module can view the My Appointments dashboard. The remaining dashboards are:

Click here to learn how to request access to the CR Insights dashboards.

Billing / Insights The Receivables Report

The Receivables report is located in the Billing and Insights modules and provides a summary of overpayments and receivables. Users with the (Insights > Access) and (Receivables Report > Access) permissions will receive an insight into collections aging by payor and client. Click here to learn how to view and download the Receivables report.

Users can filter by a desired date range , sort by payor or client, date of service and first billed, and net, outstanding, and overpayments, located at the top of the report.

  • Net: summation of Outstanding and Overpayments.
  • Outstanding: Outstanding revenue at the billing entry line level and by type (Insurance vs. Patient).
  • Overpayments: Overpaid revenue at the billing entry line level and by type (Insurance vs. Patient).

The following icons on the top right-hand side change the report’s display:

  • : default view.
  • : view the charts only.
  • : view the grid only.

The search icon on the left-hand side contains the following filters:

  • Client ID
  • Client Name
  • Code label
  • Billing label
  • Parent label
  • Child label
  • Payor Name
  • Plan Name
  • Provider ID
  • Provider Name
  • Service Code

Below the search filters, the “AR Aging by payor” charts include the following filters:

  • Primary insurance: select to highlight the circular bubbles that represent primary insurance. 
  • Secondary insurance: select to highlight the rhombus (diamond shape) bubbles that represent secondary insurance.
  • Tertiary insurance: select to highlight the triangular bubbles that represent tertiary insurance.

Selecting each shape will also filter the grid on the bottom of the report by the information contained in the summary pop-up.

On the left-hand side of the chart are the following KPIs:

  • AR Outstanding
  • Over Payments
  • AR > 90 Days
  • Aging breakdown

Below “Aging Breakdown,” the following columns are contained in the grid:

  • Name
  • 0-30 days
  • 60-90 days
  • 90-120 days
  • 120-180 days
  • 190-365 days
  • 365+ days
  • Total

The “Name” column has a list of payors or clients’ IDs (depending on if the report is sorting by payor or client), along with the Insurance payments and Patient responsibility amounts under each aging bucket. Clicking each amount will bring you directly to the billing entry.