CR Go / Sessions Collecting Data Offline in CR Go

Offline mode can be enabled in a session to complete data collection without internet connectivity.

Once offline mode is enabled, the session along with all graphs, comments, and videos will be stored locally in the device and will automatically be synced into CentralReach as soon as users regain data connectivity. If the data is not graphed, it will not be synced. Criteria advancement is not supported during offline mode.

Click here to learn how to enable offline data collection in CR Go.

CR Go / Sessions CR Go’s Sessions Module

CR Go’s Sessions module provides access to clients’ data and non-data collection branches, for tracking of skill acquisition and behavior reduction goals in one location.

The Sessions module can be accessed from the main menu or from the “Schedule Details.” Please note, criteria advancement is not supported in this version of CR Go.

CR Go / Sessions Criteria Advancement Not Supported in CR Go

Criteria advancement is not supported online or offline, in CR Go.

For the client’s targets and branches to be updated after a session has already started:

  • Graph the data collected in the session.
  • Go back to the sessions list and re-enter the session for the data sheet to be refreshed.

When doing so, the data sheet’s targets and branches will be refreshed based on the data collected during the session.

CR Go / Sessions Data Collection Types in CR Go

The following data collection types are available in CR Go:

  • Percent Correct
  • Task Analysis
  • Frequency
  • Rate
  • Time Sampling
  • Rating Scale
  • Score
  • Duration
  • Percent independent

CR Go / Sessions Data Sheet Timer in CR Go

The data sheet timer tracks the time spent working on the data sheet. Users must tap Play to start collecting data. Any data collected without starting the session will not sync to CentralReach.

Please note, the time recorded in the data sheet is not connected to the Schedule module for timesheet tracking and conversion.

Click here to learn how to start a session.

CR Go / Sessions Pinned View in CR Go

Pinned View is available on the bottom of the “Index/NET View,” and provides quick access to highly recurring behaviors.

Tap the pin to open, swipe left and right to change targets, or swipe up to view all of the items in the pinned view at once. Please note, custom prompts are not supported at this time in CR Go.

CR Go / Sessions Sessions Data Sheets in CR Go

The data sheet shows all of the targets/programs in a client’s data sheet, and provides access to both data and non-data collection branches.

Goals can be viewed as:

  • Index View: displays targets with corresponding parent branch.
  • Tree View: displays targets in learning tree view with short term and long term goals.

Click here to learn how to start a session.

Click here to learn about the data sheet timer.

CR Go / Sessions Sessions Index/ NET View in CR Go

When selecting a target from the session data sheet in CR Go, the “Index/ NET View” page will be displayed with the list of skill acquisition goals and behavior reduction goals that are set to “NET” session type from the branch.

If new branches are added while the session is in progress, or to get new targets based on criteria advancement, graph your targets, return to the sessions list, and reload the client’s session for the branches to be refreshed in the data sheet.

Collect data on the client’s goals/targets. Swipe up and down, find the program being worked on, and score trials or occurrences.

Please note, data collection branches set to “Trials” or “Routine,” are not yet available in CR Go.