Learn / Clinical / VB-Mapp How to Download the VB-MAPP Report

The new “VB-Mapp” report allows users to export CSV files of clients’ VB-Mapp assessment data. 

To download the VB-MAPP report: 

  1. Navigate to the Clinical module and select VB-MAPP
  2. To filter the screen by contact label, enter the contact label name in Search…  
  3. Click the checkboxes on the right-hand side to select the clients to be added to the export 
    • Or, click Select All to include all of the clients on the current screen.
  4. Click the cloud icon to export the report as a CSV file

Learn / Clinical / VB-Mapp Completing the VB-MAPP Assessment and Generating Goals

The assessor, the user that purchased the assessment, is the only user that can score the VB-Mapp. However, the assessor can be changed by clicking the pencil icon next to the “Assessment Details” section of the assessment.

To complete the VB-MAPP assessment and generate goals:

  1. Navigate to the Clinical module and select VB-MAPP
  2. To start a new assessment for a new client (that has not previously been assessed in the platform), press the blue + button
  3. Select the client to assess
  4. When starting the new assessment, a one-time charge will be applied for creating that new assessment. You can now start the assessment for that client. Any subsequent assessments for that particular client will not result in a charge

Locating and Continuing Assessments in Progress

You can also access a list of all clients for whom you have begun a VB-MAPP on the VB-MAPP Assessment page.

  1. Click on a current assessment by selecting the client’s name listed on the VB-MAPP Assessment page. You can continue a current assessment or start a new assessment under the selected client
  2. Continue an assessment by selecting the assessment you want to continue, and then select Resume

Generating Scoring Grids

  1. You can get the scoring grid with one or more assessments, by selecting the boxes of the assessments you want to view on the grid, and then selecting Score. The grid shows each assessment with a different color coordinated with it. The bubbles in the grid will be filled in when all answers in a section have a score of zero.

Generating Goals

  1. After completing the assessment, select Generate Clients’ Custom Goal Bank on the bottom of the screen. This will generate goals for any Milestones that are scored as 1, 2, or any that have not been scored
  2. The goal bank will then be created and ready to be assigned. This goal bank can also be found under the Clinical module drop-down menu under Library
  3. After selecting View Goal Bank, assign this goal bank to the specified client. You can also edit the goal bank prior to assigning it

If you do not have access to the VB-MAPP and want access, please contact your CSL.

Learn / Clinical / VB-Mapp How to Set Up Permissions for the VB-MAPP

To grant permissions for employees to use the VB-MAPP feature in CentralReach, contact sales. Once they set you up to access the VB-MAPP module, set up a permission group.

To set up permissions for the VB-MAPP:

  1. Navigate to the to the Permissions module
  2. Click the +NEW GROUP. Name the group and add a description
  3. Click Save New Group
  4. Select the Permissions tab
  5. Click the Clinical section to find two VB-MAPP permissions:
    • (VBMapp > Access): View VBMapp assessments for any clients that they are connected to, that have a VBMapp started
    • (VBMapp > Add New): Create new VBMapp assessments. Users can start a new assessment for Clients in their account
      • This should be for users who have authority to begin one for a client

6. Click the gray x to make it a green checkmark to grant the group permission

7. Click the Users tab and search for the employees you want to have these permissions, or select Browse all employees not yet added to vb-mapp and check the box next to their names

8. Click Add Selected

9. Navigate to the Details tab and click Save Group Details

Please note, if a user begins one for a new client, the agency will be charged