Submitting Claims

Claims / Submitting Claims COB Billing: Secondary Claims

If the account is set up to send and receive claim information through a supported ‘Gateway,’ users can generate and send secondary claims directly from CentralReach.

Please note, to use this function, an ERA must have been received from the primary payor and payments have been applied.

To send a secondary claim:

  1. Navigate to the Billing module and select Billing
  2. Enter the name of the client to process a secondary claim for in Search billing entries
  3. Click the gear icon on the right-hand side of the billing entry, under the “Options” column and select Claims Generated
  4. In the Claims module, click Actions on the right-hand side, and select Generate Secondary Claim
  5. Click Generate in the “Confirm” pop-up
  6. In the claim, review and complete the information in each tab, including the “COB” tab
    • The “Policy Number” and “Group Name” fields in the COB tab correlate to 9a and 9d, respectively, on the CMS 1500 form.
  7. Click Save & Move to Inbox