Client Portal

The Client Portal is CentralReach’s web portal for organizations’ end clients. The portal is designed with an easy to navigate user experience, menus, and features tailored specifically for end clients to access their account information.

Client Portal CentralReach’s Client Portal for Continuity of Care

Recorded: 5/11/2020
Length: 57:58 minutes

This video features step-by-step instructions on best practices in the CentralReach Client Portal, including communications, setting parent goals, and enabling parent data collection.

Client Portal Webinar Slides

Client Portal Client Portal

Recorded: 8/23/18

Length: 19:36 minutes

This video features a detailed overview of CentralReach’s Client Portal for practice management, including showing appointment schedules, signing timesheets, paying invoices, and setting up notifications.

Client Portal The CentralReach Client Portal

Recorded: 4/13/2020

Length: 12:15 minutes

This video provides a quick overview of the Client Portal for caregivers to learn how to access learning trees, open sessions to collect data, review documents, and sign session notes.

Client Portal Welcome to the Client Portal

Recorded: 5/11/2020

Length: 3:33 minutes

This clip includes a 3-minute introduction to the CentralReach Client Portal for clients and caregivers. Please note, this does not include data collection.